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Non-Epic Soundtracks

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There were a lot of good suggestions in this thread for epic movie soundtracks; what about movies that really aren't the summer blockbuster action-adventure type? I'm thinking chick flicks, kid's movies, pretty much anything else with an instrumental soundtrack. Preferably fairly recent stuff; it's hard to find older soundtracks on the iTunes store unless they're extremely popular.

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Hans Zimmer's score for As Good As It Gets is great, he went back to his Driving Miss Daisy roots.

hans zimmer's score for the holiday is really nice, too:

the movie isn't so hot, but there's some great music there.

i think a lot of thomas newman's work also falls into this category. he's one of my favorite film composers, and his work on stuff like american beauty, wall-e, and cinderella man is really emotive without being too sugary sweet:


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Anything by Joe Hisaishi (I say that with loving irony, in that it's all good, but he definitely goes back to the same sounds in every film). I think Spirited Away shows the most variety and interest of his scores.

I'll second Thomas Newman (Shawshank Redepmtion if you want melody and atmosphere, American Beauty if you want him doing the percussion thing, maybe Finding Nemo if you want both?), and suggest Rachel Portman as well (Chocolat, Emma, Cider House Rules). She's a little monochromatic, but still good.

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