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A Mad Scientist's Symphony- DKC3 Big Boss Blues Remix

Mr. Gamma

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Hey, I'm new here, and I'm also somewhat new to remixing, so don't expect a perfect arrangement when you click this link:

v1.0- http://tindeck.com/listen/laii

v2.0- http://tindeck.com/listen/olbp

Title: A Mad Scientist's Symphony

Game: Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble

Original: Big Boss Blues- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOP7PIkH65M

Just so you know, this is, like, my fourth version of this remix, and I did consider it finished, but I'm willing to hear what I can do to improve it.

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Welcome to OCR. This isn't a terrible first remix on here. It suffers from a normal array of production problems, but the arrangement is actually fun, in a minimalist way (though the end is a little strange, along with a similar ditty in the middle).

Clipping. Loads and loads of clipping. If you want to fix it you'll need to go to each track and make sure that the input signal isn't too loud first, then find where that track is routed and make sure that from there it isn't too loud, etc., until you reach your final mixer board. You can tell a track is too loud when there is 'fuzz' that occurs with the sound and/or the track cuts out other tracks (which there is a lot of in this track).

I like the soundscape to this one, actually, but you have some work ahead of you when it comes to the production. When you fix the production issues you'll be ahead of the game, here.

Best of luck here, and welcome to OCR.

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Welcome to the boards! ^^

Gario's the man! :) I agree with everything he said.

I think this is a great first post! You should take a listen to my own first post from 2 years ago (which is an absolute disaster :< lol).

More seriously, you should take a look at user Rozovian's remixing guide which was very helpful to me! Big thanks, Rozo :-D

I think you've got great potential, so keep at it! ^^

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