Currently in the Judging Process (updated January 13, 2020)

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For frequently asked questions, visit the Judges Panel FAQ at the OCRWiki.

This is an informal service to give submitting artists and the public an idea of what's currently going through the judges panel so that anyone can see if a particular submission is there and if it's been evaluated.

This post is updated as the panel receives more mixes to judge and is kept as up to date as possible. Please note that the judges (NOT djpretzel) update this post, and they do not know where any one submission is beyond the panel; however, any submitting artist is welcome to message a judge and ask about their submission if this post hasn't been updated.

Submissions placed on the judges panel are judged as-is and may NOT be reworked in the middle of the judging process. Submissions are to be treated strictly as completed works and may be revised/resubmitted only after a decision has been reached. Minor fixes that do not alter the arrangement itself (e.g. eliminating clipping, new encoding, fading out a track with an abrupt cutoff) are acceptable.

If your submission doesn't appear here, you received an auto-confirmation letter, and you DIDN'T receive a form rejection letter, don't worry - the queue in the submissions inbox is very large, so it could take anywhere from several weeks to several months for OCR to initially review your submission and decide to either:

  • 1) Immediately accept with sent form acceptance letter (NOT listed in To Be Posted list below)
  • 2) Forward to the panel for voting (most often)
  • 3) Immediately reject with sent form rejection letter

Visit the Judges Panel FAQ for more information.

If no auto-confirmation letter was ever received after the submission was emailed, then it is very unlikely it reached the submissions inbox. Submissions must be sent to If a confirmation was received, you didn't receive a form rejection letter, your mix was submitted before the "Mixes subbed prior to" date listed at the beginning of this thread, and STILL doesn't show up on this post or the site, give the submission information to any one of the judges and they can decide whether or not to forward it to the panel; i.e., fall-through it, although nowadays rarely does a submission "fall through the cracks."

Remember, if you received an form rejection letter, your submission will not be evaluated by the panel.


  • Chimpazilla
  • DarkeSword
  • DragonAvenger
  • Gario - Lead Submissions Evaluator
  • Jivemaster
  • Liontamer - Head Submissions Evaluator (PM/email issues to Larry)
  • MindWanderer
  • Nutritious
  • prophetik music
  • Rexy
  • Sir_NutS

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Recently overheard in #ocrjudges:

[8:01 PM] Rexy: also, "wicked bastard" has to be the best mix title I've panelled tonight
[8:11 PM] djpretzel: sounds like a beer :)
[8:17 PM] djpretzel: I think someone got (Arrogant Bastard Ale) for me, once....
[8:17 PM] Rexy: that's a thing?
[8:18 PM] djpretzel: yep
[3:16 PM] prophetik music: the name of that beer's better than the actual beer unfortunately

Mixes subbed prior to April 7, 2019 on the panel.
If you submitted a mix on or after this date, your mix is still in the submissions inbox and will not appear on this page.


All YES decisions are subject to change until the mix in question is posted.
Judges Decisions threads for these mixes are not available until the mix is posted.
NOTE: Submissions that were accepted by email reply (and have bypassed the judges panel) are NOT listed here, but we DO have them.

(2015/12/22) Tomb Raider 'Tomb Raider Suite'
(2018/04/02) Xenogears 'Wavering Reflection'
(2018/08/12) Secret of Mana 'Hallucinatory Province'
(2018/12/15) Final Fantasy 11 "Grav'iton's Dream"
(2019/01/02) Deltarune "Groove Buster"
(2019/01/13) Assassin's Creed Odyssey "Poseidon at the Cinema"
(2019/02/11) Tetris "T-Spin"
(2019/05/04) Night into the Woods "Climb into the Air and Close the Sky"
(2019/07/05) Xenogears 'Dancing in the Sky'
(2019/10/22) Final Fantasy VII 'With Heart and Soul' *RESUB*

- TO BE POSTED - Conditional on Encoding

These mixes are on hold until we get a WAV or 192kbps/VBR1 quality encoding, and/or a sampling rate of 44.1kHz, from the ReMixer.
The bitrate or sampling rate of the copy the judges currently have is either too high or too low.
If your mix is listed here and you are unsure why or you have sent an updated version and we have not gotten back to you, please contact a judge.

(2015/02/28) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Firewalker' - need 192kbps/VBR1 or WAV

- TO BE POSTED - Conditional on Production

These mixes are on hold until we get fixes from the ReMixer.
If your mix is listed here and you are unsure why or you have sent an updated version and we have not gotten back to you, please contact a judge.

(2017/01/15) Mega Man X5 'Drop the Facade' - awaiting potential revisions, but still approved as is

- TO BE POSTED - Conditional (Other)

These mixes are on hold for other reasons.
If your mix is listed here and you are unsure why or you have sent an updated version and we have not gotten back to you, please contact a judge.

(2013/02/10) Cryamore 'A True Pioneer' - awaiting game completion/verification of in-game usag

- TO BE POSTED - Project Mixes

These mixes are from in-progress Album Projects and are on hold for the time being.

(2011/12/01) Lufia 2 'Of Twin Compasses'
(2012/04/10) Lufia 2 'Hello, Goodbye' *FALLTHROUGH* *RESUB*
(2012/04/25) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'My Old Kakariko Home'
(2012/05/22) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Brevity Is... Wit'
(2012/06/03) Banjo-Kazooie 'No Honey, No Cry'
(2012/06/30) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'I Can't Go On (I'll Goron)'
(2013/01/19) Lufia 2 'Excerion Dives Under'
(2013/04/04) Final Fantasy 3 'An Energy Called Hope'
(2013/04/26) Lufia 2 'Step to the Journey'
(2014/01/19) Super Mario RPG & Dr. Mario 'Chill Out, Smithy'
(2014/02/19) Plants vs. Zombies 'Cerebral'
(2014/04/23) Lufia 2 'Fight for Their Lives'
(2015/02/20) Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories 'Not Just Elevator Music'
(2015/04/07) Plants vs. Zombies 'Winter Is Coming'
(2015/11/23) Final Fantasy 3 'Ur Town' *RESUB*
(2016/05/20) Super Mario Galaxy 'B&M'
(2016/07/26) Terranigma 'Enigma of a Broken Soul'
(2016/09/09) Paper Mario 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopas'
(2016/09/14) Final Fantasy 8 'The Oscar Goes to Laguna LOIRE' *RESUB*
(2016/10/28) Terranigma 'Skaði, fjallið veiði gyðja'
(2017/01/22) Final Fantasy 3 'Belly of the Beast'
(2017/06/26) Castlevania 3 'Theme for Trevor Belmont'
(2017/11/26) Ys 3 'Sunset Heroes'
(2017/12/03) Ys 3 'Feena's Premonition'
(2018/03/06) Ys: The Oath in Felghana "Solace, Within & Aethernium"
(2018/04/21) Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow 'Hell Is Empty'
(2019/05/24) Lufia 2 'Toccata and Fugue in Dreams'


These mixes have been rejected recently. The decision threads can be found in Judges Decisions.

Skies of Arcadia "Unknown Menace"
Chrono Trigger "The Rising Palace"
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess "Deadly Sands"
Kingdom Hearts 2 "Dark Tension"
Dragon Warrior 2 "Epic Footsteps" *RESUB*
Sonic CD (JP) "Stardust à la mode"


These mixes have been moved from the submissions inbox to the judges' queue and are in the process of being judged.

2018/02 - Jazz Jackrabbit 'Get Your Static Now' *RESUB*
2018/03 - Pokémon Sun & Moon 'Free Malie'
2018/06 - Golden Sun 'Fire and Flames'
2018/07 - Final Fantasy 9 "Crazy Moon"
2018/08 - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 'Heart Medicine'
2018/08 - Super Mario Land 2 'Seeing Stars'
2018/09 - Chrono Cross 'Anti-Annihilation Matrix'
2018/09 - Star Fox 2 'The Lost Legend of Lylat'
2018/11 - Portal 2 'Thermal Encouragement'
2018/11 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 'Infinity'
2018/12 - Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark "Theme from Special Agents B & K (Season 3)"
2018/12 - Jazz Jackrabbit 2 "Jazz be damned remake"
2018/12 - Kingdom Hearts 2 'Weight of the Other Promise'
2018/12 - Pokémon Black Version "DJ Snivy's Smooth Moves"
2019/01 - Chrono Trigger "Secret of the Forest (Stop It You Dog! Mix)"
2019/01 - Equinox "Meridian"
2019/01 - F-Zero "Brass City"
2019/01 - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild "Legend of the Koroks"
2019/01 - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild / Skyward Sword "Treading the Maze of Trials"
2019/01 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Cataclysm"
2019/01 - Mother 3 "A Full Moon Rises Over Nowhere"
2019/01 - Skies of Arcadia "Antarctica and the Moon (Dec/Jan)"
2019/01 - Skies of Arcadia "The Silver Crystal"
2019/01 - World of Warcraft "Legends of Warcraft"
2019/02 - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild / Skyward Sword "Hidden Shrines"
2019/03 - Faxanadu "Faxanadoom"
2019/03 - Final Fantasy 10 "A Maiden's Prayer"
2019/03 - Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages "Tranquil Homesteads"
2019/03 - Mega Man 5 "Falling Up"
2019/03 - Pokémon Trading Card Game "Card Shark Shuffle"
2019/03 - Tecmo Cup "BRZ Theme"
2019/03 - Yakuza "Funky Night Dragons"
2019/04 - Castlevania "Wicked Bastard"
2019/04 - Guild Wars 2 "Stormbringer"
2019/04 - Hollow Knight "Blue City"
2019/04 - Mario Kart: Double Dash "Vacation in the Mushroom Kingdom"
2019/04 - Seiken Densetsu 3 "Hortus Conclusus"
2019/05 - Final Fantasy 10 "Peace and Bliss"
2019/05 - Mega Man X "Armored Armadillo"
2019/05 - Metal Gear "Snake's in the Jungle"
2019/06 - Final Fantasy 6 "Kefka's Last Dance"
2019/06 - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "The Darkened Land"
2019/06 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Sandy Steps"
2019/06 - Mega Man X "X"
2019/06 - Sonic the Hedgehog "Sonic's Metal Marathon!"
2019/07 - Deltarune "Funk Buster"
2019/07 - Donkey Kong Country 'Deep Blue'
2019/07 - Super Mario 64 "Sleepy Snore Spores"
2019/08 - Final Fantasy 9 'Be Still, My Wicked Heart'
2019/09 - Final Fantasy 7 "Jenova's Witness" *RESUB*
2019/10 - F-Zero "Break City" *RESUB*


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