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Currently in the Judging Process (updated September 26, 2023)


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For frequently asked questions, visit the Judges Panel FAQ at the OCRWiki.

This is an informal service to give submitting artists and the public an idea of what's currently going through the judges panel so that anyone can see if a particular submission is there and if it's been evaluated.

This post is updated as the panel receives more mixes to judge and is kept as up to date as possible. Please note that the judges (NOT djpretzel) update this post, and they do not know where any one submission is beyond the panel; however, any submitting artist is welcome to message a judge and ask about their submission if this post hasn't been updated.

Submissions placed on the judges panel are treated as completed works and judged as-is. However, if you need to revise an arrangement after it has been submitted, please inform the Head Submissions Evaluator of a revision (preferably by replying to your original submission email). Keep in mind that this may delay the evaluation process. Minor fixes that do not alter the arrangement itself (e.g. eliminating clipping, new encoding, fading out a track with an abrupt cutoff) are always acceptable.

If your submission doesn't appear here, you received an auto-confirmation letter, and you DIDN'T receive a direct rejection letter, don't worry - the queue in the submissions inbox is very large, so it could take anywhere from several weeks to several months for OCR to initially review your submission and decide to either:

  • 1) Immediately accept with sent direct acceptance letter (NOT listed in To Be Posted list below)
  • 2) Forward to the panel for voting with sent panel evaluation letter (most often)
  • 3) Immediately reject with sent direct rejection letter

Visit the Judges Panel FAQ for more information.

If no auto-confirmation letter was ever received after the submission was emailed, then it is unlikely it reached the submissions inbox. Submissions must be sent to submissions@ocremix.org. If a confirmation was received, you didn't receive a direct rejection letter, your mix was submitted before the "Mixes subbed prior to" date listed at the beginning of this thread, and STILL doesn't show up on this post or the site, give the submission information to any one of the judges and they can decide whether or not to forward it to the panel; i.e., fall-through it, although nowadays rarely does a submission "fall through the cracks."

Remember, if you received an form rejection letter, your submission will not be evaluated by the panel.


  • Chimpazilla
  • DarkeSword
  • DarkSim
  • Emunator - Lead Submissions Evaluator
  • Gario
  • Liontamer - Head Submissions Evaluator (PM/email issues to Larry)
  • MindWanderer
  • prophetik music
  • Rexy
  • XPRTNovice
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Recently overheard in #judges:

[9:25 PM] Gario: @prophetik music dang man, you never played lost vikings 2? you missin' out, it's pretty great all around
[2:42 PM] prophetik music: I basically haven't played anything, lol
[2:42 PM] prophetik music: If it is even semi-niche, or on a Nintendo system, I probably never played it.
[10:16 AM] Rexy: Says the one who led a project for a semi-niche Satellaview game :)
[5:25 PM] prophetik music: Never played it or (Link's Awakening) through, actually. Just liked the music.
[5:44 PM] Liontamer: The hallmark of a dedicated VGM fan! :-)

Mixes subbed prior to September 20, 2023 on the panel.
If you submitted a mix on or after this date, your mix is still in the submissions inbox and will not appear on this page.

- TO BE POSTED - approved by the judges

All YES decisions are subject to change until the mix is posted.
Judges Decisions threads for these mixes are not available until the mix is posted.
NOTE: Submissions that were accepted by email reply (and have bypassed the judges panel) are NOT listed here, but we DO have them.

(2015/12/22) Tomb Raider "Dynamic Suite"
(2020/11/16) Lyle in Cube Sector "Gimme Back My Cat"
(2021/05/31) Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2 "Solid"
(2021/07/21) Half-Life 2 "Orwellian"
(2021/10/24) Final Fantasy 8 "The Infested Arena" *PROJECT*
(2021/12/11) Final Fantasy 7 "The First Playing" *FALLTHROUGH*
(2021/12/17) Final Fantasy 6 "Jumped in the Serpent Trench"
(2022/01/02) Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage "Chaos on Screen"
(2022/02/18) Final Fantasy 8 "Where Is My Fault?" *PROJECT*
(2022/02/20) Prince of Persia (SNES) "119 Minutes Left"
(2022/03/01) Lufia 2 "The Shrine of Twisted Shadows"
(2022/03/05) Mega Man X4 & X5 "Release the Kraken"
(2022/03/24) Nightmare on Elm Street "You've Got the Body, I've Got the Synth"
(2022/03/30) Donkey Kong Country 2 "Kannonball"
(2022/04/08) Runescape "Experienite Tinderbox"
(2022/05/07) Lord of the Rings, Vol. I "A Long Road"
(2022/05/15) Runescape "We're All Ali Down Here"
(2022/05/26) Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons "Forgotten Ruins"
(2022/05/26) Metroid Prime, Super Metroid & Metroid "Frozen Echoes"
(2022/05/27) Final Fantasy 4 "Mountain of Light"
(2022/06/02) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "Sonic the Chemist"
(2022/06/05) Final Fantasy 10 "The Flooded Temple"
(2022/07/08) Chrono Trigger "Carnival of Life"
(2022/07/11) Super Mario World "Yoshi Dorifto"
(2022/07/27) Chicory "Dear Wielder..."
(2022/07/28) Final Fantasy 9 "Terranian Faith"
(2022/09/04) Final Fantasy 7 "Fantasy Fighting"
(2022/09/09) Final Fantasy 7 "Prayers of the Earth"
(2022/09/17) Metroid Fusion "Ambient Fusion Water"
(2022/10/06) Final Fantasy 5 "Heart’s Lullaby"
(2022/10/10) Chrono Trigger "When the Walls of Time Fell" *RESUB*
(2022/11/02) Golden Sun "Circles in the Sand" *RESUB*
(2022/11/29) Golden Axe "A Golden Axe Journey" *RESUB*
(2022/12/08) Dark Souls "Dance of the Moth"
(2022/12/22) Chrono Trigger "12,000 B.C."
(2022/12/27) Final Fantasy 7 "A Secret, Submerged"
(2023/01/05) Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Taiga/Tundra"
(2023/01/07) Castle of Illusion "Bitter Sweets"
(2023/01/07) Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks "Sieluraiteet"
(2023/01/22) Chicory "Skipping Stones Down Sips River"
(2023/01/26) MapleStory "Guns, Glory, Sad Ending"
(2023/02/04) Silent Hill "Dreaded Mist"
(2023/02/06) EarthBound "Threed, Doomed at Last"
(2023/02/18) Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Tournament 2004 "The Simulation"
(2023/02/23) Pokémon Scarlet "The Art of Zoning Out"
(2023/02/25) Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, TP & BotW "Moonlit Woods"
(2023/03/08) Genshin Impact "I Picked the Wrong Test Subject"
(2023/03/14) Horizon Zero Dawn & Horizon Forbidden West "The Edgerunner with Blazing Hair"
(2023/03/21) Paper Mario "Sing Sing Sing Your Heart Out" *PRIORITY*
(2023/03/24) Baba Is You "Liquid Puzzles"
(2023/03/28) Minecraft "Blue Magic"
(2023/05/01) Paper Mario "Clash at the Koopas"
(2023/05/03) Final Fantasy 8 "Compression of Light and Shadow"
(2023/05/05) Final Fantasy Tactics "A Chronicle of Ivalice"
(2023/05/07) Marble Madness "Vivid Orbs"
(2023/05/08) Donkey Kong Country 2 "Prismatic"
(2023/05/10) Final Fantasy 8 "Tears in Rain" *PROJECT*
(2023/05/10) Final Fantasy 8 "Time Will Compress" *PROJECT*
(2023/05/18) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate "Crocodile Kroctoberfest (Prost Mix)"
(2023/05/22) Final Fantasy 8 "Dancefloorphans" *PROJECT*
(2023/05/26) Legend of Zelda "Shadows of Hyrule"
(2023/05/29) Plants vs. Zombies 1 & 2 "Seedrun"
(2023/06/01) Final Fantasy 8 "Even Ill Omens Need a Break" *PROJECT*
(2023/06/06) Final Fantasy 8 "Existence Still Denied" *PROJECT*
(2023/06/01) Final Fantasy 8 "Filthy Lies / Wasted Virtue" *PROJECT*
(2023/06/10) Final Fantasy 8 "Into the Singularity" *PROJECT*
(2023/06/18) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 & Super Metroid "The Brinstar Chemical"
(2023/06/19) Minecraft "Meditations on a Beam of Light"
(2023/06/22) Final Fantasy 14 "In Mountains We Will Sleep"
(2023/06/26) Chrono Trigger "Tyrano's Stash"
(2023/07/04) Silent Hill "There's Something in the Church..."
(2023/07/07) Micro Mages "Valorous Heart, Onward!" *RESUB*
(2023/07/18) Metroid Prime 2 "GFS Jukebox Playlist: Track 1"
(2023/07/24) Donkey Kong Country "Ancient Relics"
(2023/07/29) Castlevania "Simon's Madness" *RESUB*
(2023/07/31) Gunman Clive 2 "High Clive"
(2023/08/11) Final Fantasy 7 "Dreams; Nightmares"
(2023/08/16) Chrono Trigger "A Battle Across Time"
(2023/08/23) Mega Man 3 "Large Hard Man Collider" *RESUB*
(2023/08/28) Super Mario World "Koopalings"

- TO BE POSTED - conditional on Encoding

These mixes are on hold until we get a WAV or 192kbps/VBR1 quality encoding, and/or a sampling rate of 44.1kHz, from the ReMixer.
The bitrate or sampling rate of the copy the judges currently have is either too high or too low.
If your mix is listed here and you are unsure why or you have sent an updated version and we have not gotten back to you, please contact a judge.


- TO BE POSTED - conditional on Production

These mixes are on hold until we get fixes from the ReMixer.
If your mix is listed here and you are unsure why or you have sent an updated version and we have not gotten back to you, please contact a judge.

(2020/12/24) Gradius "Nemesis Mix" - conditional on production revisions

- TO BE POSTED - conditional (Other)

These mixes are on hold for other reasons.
If your mix is listed here and you are unsure why or you have sent an updated version and we have not gotten back to you, please contact a judge.

(2013/02/10) Cryamore "A True Pioneer" - awaiting game completion/verification of in-game usage
(2020/02/04) Path of Exile "Tessa of the Sea" - held by request for revision

- TO BE POSTED - Project Mixes

These mixes are from in-progress Album Projects and are on hold for the time being.

(2011/12/01) Lufia 2 "Of Twin Compasses"
(2012/04/10) Lufia 2 "Hello, Goodbye" *FALLTHROUGH* *RESUB*
(2012/06/03) Banjo-Kazooie "No Honey, No Cry"
(2013/01/19) Lufia 2 "Excerion Dives Under"
(2013/04/04) Final Fantasy 3 "An Energy Called Hope"
(2013/04/26) Lufia 2 "Step to the Journey"
(2014/01/19) Super Mario RPG & Dr. Mario "Chill Out, Smithy"
(2014/04/23) Lufia 2 "Fight for Their Lives"
(2015/11/23) Final Fantasy 3 "Ur Town" *RESUB*
(2017/01/22) Final Fantasy 3 "Belly of the Beast"
(2017/06/26) Castlevania 3 "Theme for Trevor Belmont"
(2018/04/21) Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow "Hell Is Empty"
(2019/05/24) Lufia 2 "Toccata and Fugue in Dreams"
(2020/02/24) Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia "Volaticus"
(2020/05/02) Banjo-Kazooie "The Oxidation of HMS Marimba"
(2020/10/01) Final Fantasy 3 "Dank Crystals"
(2020/12/05) Final Fantasy 3 "Surfing Fantasy 2" *RESUB*
(2021/01/13) Final Fantasy 3 "The Curtain Is Drawn"


These mixes have been rejected recently. The decision threads can be found in Judges Decisions.

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom "Hyrule's Hopes"
Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim "Dragonwave"
Metroid "Samus Legend"
Silent Hill "Intro DBA Mix"
Tetris (GB) "Crazy Tetrominos" *RESUB*
Metroid Prime Hunters "Bounty Gunner"
Ristar "Ice Star"
Final Fantasy 7 & 4 "Psycho Giant"
Donkey Kong Country "Water Monkey"
Undertale "Everyone Craves (Death by Glamour)"
Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass "Let Me Be Your Love"
Mega Man 2 "What's the Rush, Man!"
Chrono Cross "Scars Worn by Time"
Black Belt "Black Belt Destruction"
Chrono Trigger "It Doesn't Have to Be This Way"
Secret of Monkey Island "The Pixels of Monkey Island"
Phantasy Star 4 "One Last Time"
Vantage Master "... purity"
Deus Ex "VersaLife (Nanotech Upgrade Mix)"
King's Quest 6 "Girl in the Tower (King's Chill Mix)"
NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... "The Forest of Roc"
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "Funky Synth Sonic"
Path of Exile "Into the Unknowing"
Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom "Emanations from the Garden"
Mega Man X3 "Sorrowful Bellows ~ An Ode for a Winter's Night"
Final Fantasy 8 "No Shuffle, No Boogie" *PROJECT*
Sonic Adventure "Tikalkaline"
Marvel vs. Capcom "Staff Roll Mix"
Dragon Warrior 4 "Twisted Systerz" *RESUB*
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 "Highway Spirit"
Mario Kart Wii "S-Rank Rainbow"
Gravity Duck "To Crouch with Urgency"
Castle Crashers "Four Brave Heroes"
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask "End of the World"
Paper Mario "Reaching for the Star Spirits"
Chrono Trigger "OverZealous Drop" *RESUB*
Animal Crossing: New Horizons "Isabelle Needs a Break"
Xenogears "Back to the Sea, Black to the Fire"

Space Harrier "Main BGM CFX"
Top Gear "Speed Demon"
Raiden "Gallantry (Fighting-Thunder Mix)"
Metal Gear Solid 2 "Solid Dancing Gear"
Castlevania "Simon's Madness"
Final Fantasy 6 "Live for a Who / Oh War of Evil"
OutRun "Last Wave - Takayuki '87"
Nintendo World Cup "The Most Beautiful Goal"
Micro Mages "Valorous Heart, Onward!"
Battlefield 1942 "Pixelfield"
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Fortress of Thieves"
Haunted Castle "Dusk Ensemble"
Lost Vikings 2 "Dark Pixels"
Super Mario Bros. "MarioSka"
Golden Sun "Isaac's Only Shot"
Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 "HOPE!!"
Final Fantasy 9 "It's an Ambush"


These mixes have been moved from the submissions inbox to the judges' queue and are in the process of being judged.

2022/06 - Monster Hunter "Heroes"
2023/01 - Golden Sun "The Lighthouse"
2023/01 - Pikmin 2 "It Kills You with Fire... and More"
2023/01 - Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike "Remy Is a Rave Dad"
2023/01 - Super Metroid "Galaxy at Peace"
2023/02 - Final Fantasy 9 "Eternal Rain"
2023/03 - Gremlins 2 "Astral Office"
2023/03 - Mega Man X5, X1-X4, X7 & MvC: Infinite "Zero Alternatives"
2023/04 - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask "Great Bay Awakening"
2023/05 - Chuck Rock "The Unga Bunga Blues"
2023/05 - Final Fantasy 8 "Make Them Bleed" *PROJECT*
2023/05 - Final Fantasy 8 "Set the Stage on Fire" *PROJECT*
2023/05 - Final Fantasy 8 "The Tolls of Stringent Obligation" *PROJECT*
2023/05 - Final Fantasy 8 "Witches Be Witches" *PROJECT*
2023/05 - Streets of Rage 2 "Can't Stop Me!"
2023/05 - Witcher 3 "From Kaer Trolde with Love"
2023/06 - Child of Light "To the Sky and the Stars"
2023/06 - Final Fantasy 8 "For a Few Draws More" *PROJECT*
2023/06 - Final Fantasy 8 "Deling City Nights" *PROJECT*
2023/06 - Final Fantasy 8 "The Definition of Lunacy" *PROJECT*
2023/06 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Beginnings"
2023/06 - Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) & Knight 'n' Grail "Ninjan graali"
2023/06 - Parasite Eve "Charred and Cauterized"
2023/06 - Undertale "The Spooky King"
2023/06 - Wonder Boy 3 "Vastentahtoisia muodonmuutoksia"
2023/07 - Castlevania "The Dungeons of Castle Dracula"
2023/07 - Journey to Silius "Level Three (Pulse Mix)"
2023/07 - Lotus 3 "Twin Millennium (Nitrous Mix)"
2023/07 - Rygar "Cloud Sailing Sky Robots"
2023/07 - Streets of Rage 2 "Sega FM Drum and Bass"
2023/07 - Super Hexagon "Crashlander: Focus"
2023/07 - Valis 3 "See Me Again"
2023/07 - Yoshi's Island DS "Sunny Side Up"
2023/08 - Celeste "Al Otro Lado del Espejo"
2023/08 - Chrono Trigger "Find the Frozen Flame"
2023/08 - Chrono Trigger & Final Fantasy 7 "Memories of a Green Shinra"
2023/08 - Final Fantasy 6 & 9 "Heads or Tails"
2023/08 - Final Fantasy 6 & 9 "The Parallax Effect"
2023/08 - Final Fantasy 8 "Kiyomi"
2023/08 - Final Fantasy 8 "We Are the Winners" *PROJECT*
2023/08 - Finding Paradise "Eternal Reverie"
2023/08 - Graffiti Kingdom "Down Where Evil Dwells (El Hijo del Diablo)"
2023/08 - Mega Man 2 & Double Dragon 2 "A Breath of Fresh Air"
2023/08 - Metroid Prime 2 "Black Ice Mire"
2023/08 - Metroid Prime 3 "An Endless Sleep"
2023/08 - Ori and the Blind Forest "Branching Out to Adventure"
2023/08 - Silent Hill "Intro DBA Mix"
2023/08 - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island "Yoshi Madness"
2023/08 - Super Metroid "Fires of Zebes"
2023/08 - Super Metroid & Secret of Mana "Binary Stars"
2023/08 - Super Smash Bros. Brawl "En Garde"
2023/09 - Cuphead "La Danza Macabra del Tren de los Muertos"
2023/09 - Donkey Kong Country "Oil Drum Madness"
2023/09 - Donkey Kong Country "Rhythm of the Waves"
2023/09 - Dynamite Headdy "Mushy Metal Aura Headd"
2023/09 - Final Fantasy 5 & 8 "Into the Horizon"
2023/09 - Final Fantasy 5 & 9 "Freya's Curse"
2023/09 - Final Fantasy 8 "Moments (Synthwave Mix)" *PROJECT*
2023/09 - Final Fantasy 9 "Dragon's Crest"
2023/09 - Final Fantasy Tactics "Antipyretic for Your Precipitous Apoplexy"
2023/09 - Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom "Sacred Core"
2023/09 - Mega Man 3 "The Blue Bomber"
2023/09 - Metroid "Kraid's Brew"
2023/09 - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky "The True Final Fight!"
2023/09 - Pokémon Pinball "Pocket Arcade" *PROJECT*
2023/09 - Pokemon Stadium 2 "Lil Cup"
2023/09 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "Desert Rose"
2023/09 - Threads of Fate "Birth of Knowledge"
2023/09 - Turok: Dinosaur Hunter "Catacumbas Subterraneas"
2023/09 - VVVVVV "Vigorous Pace"

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