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OCR02460 - *YES* Ecco: The Tides of Time 'Hypnotica'


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ReMixer name - Eightman

real name- Max V. Kravchenko

userid - 32137

Submission Information:

Title - "Hypnotica"

Name of game arranged - Ecco: The tides of times

System: Sega genesis

Name of individual song arranged - Fault Zone

Link to the original soundtrack -


Experiment.. Again. Damn..

I'm not sure in anything here. Combination of electronic and acoustic drums will be a common thing in my future mixes, i suppose. Guitars? When i listened that "solo" at the end of the mix, I thought.. HOLY SH*T!! THATS NOT ME!!

But don't expect something special about that:D It's not)

Arrangement is simple, as always. Source usage is ambiguous, as always. What else? At 0:50 rhythms comes in and kinda muddying the mix. But it doesn't bother me.

Time to say something about the source. Ecco has amazing music and i think lot of ppl think the same.

I played this games just few times when I was 10-11, cause my bro knew the cheat to open option menu with music:)

But I still remember all of the tracks. Dunno why, but Ecco's music fists to me. And I'll make more remixes for it in future.

Thanks to Clem, Emunator and Level99 for feedback and reviews.

Special Thanks to Modus for EPIC COMMENT!:D

Best of whatever guys! Bye!

P.S. Sorry for my english, if I said something weird)

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Today I learned Tides of Time had completely different soundtracks on the Genesis and Sega CD. Anyway, this remix keeps the feel and spirit of the original certainly. What this remix brings to the table is a palpable (hah) anticipation and powerful dynamics. It's quite powerful. What I would have liked to hear is a little more harmonic complexity in the denser sections. I'm also not super thrilled with the lack of an ending.

However, this track has serious personality, and great dynamics. Borderline, but


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Pretty interesting to hear an ambientish track rocked out. The arrangement is definitely cool, though there are a lot of little nitpicks that are adding up in my mind.

My main concerns for this are in the bass; at the beginning, the bass is sequenced really stiffly, and the track suffers because of it. Also, once the guitars come in, the bass frequency is really low, and subby, making it feel that the foundation is shaky, and not solid.

The guitar leads could definitely use some vibrato in spots, and there is some minor intonation issues throughout.

I think the arrangement is very solid and cool, but some of the production needs to be tightened up overall. It's close, in my mind, though.

No, please resubmit

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I like the anxiety this one has. Arrangement overall is pretty great, so nice work there! I'm not as bothered by the 'lack' of ending as Vig, but I agree that there could be a little more there.

I'm going to have to side with Andrew on the production aspects though; That bass coming in so straight kind of sets an awkward start to the mix, which I think should really get fixed up to improve the first impressions. A lot of the track felt pretty crowded to me, even though the balance is mostly there.

Love to see this front page, fix it up!

NO (resubmit, please)

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I like Deia's wording here, this mix does have a very anxious mood to it. Nice expansion on the original by taking it in a heavier, more dramatic direction and accentuating some of the more subdued riffs from the original, even if it plays it a bit close to the source it's still got more than enough personalization going on for my tastes.

The drumwork is also really cool, a definite improvement on your previous work, particularly the samples used. That's a really cool snare tone, and it's well utilized during the rock sections.

I can't help but agree, though, that the bass is probably borrowing a little bit too much from the source, since it seems like the timing/performance is taken pretty much verbatim from the original but doesn't quite fit with the new arrangement style you've come up with. OA's right in that the EQing on the bass sound itself is also problematic, to an extent.

If you can work out the bass issues here, I think this would be fine in my book. There's other balancing/production issues that might be slightly present, but overall the bass is what you should really look at here. Good luck bro, you're almost there!

NO (resubmit!)

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This is like opposite day or something, me and Jesse on the side of the YESes??

I really was hearing very little here to push for another version. The bass in the intro is slightly awkward and it would have been better mixed with some notes that were held, but it felt clear to me that it was going for a rigid, subby, electronic thing rather than the smooth, full-bodied real bass. Felt very industrial, especially with the electronic drums mixed in. I had no issue with the sound of the bass and felt it was a fine anchor for the track. Also had no issue with the ending or mixing of the track. Not sure why this is causing so much trouble for people.


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Wow, that source tune is pretty damn cool. It's a small thing, but I really didn't know the Genesis was capable of ultra-subtle basslines like that. That definitely sounded awesome.

Onto the sub, the bassline here sounded almost as pimp as the original, and the sequencing sounded fine, so I'm not really on OA's side for that. It seems like a the NOs are saying it came off like a round peg being fit into a square hole, but I can't say it sounded out of place to me in this overall style.

That said, the opening instrumentation was definitely on the rough side. I wasn't really feeling the way the textures came together from :49-1:10, as the guitars ended up creating a lot of mud while the synth melody was too quiet.

Though it could have been more polished, I liked the guitar work overall, though the thin percussion ended up sounding flimsy during louder sections like 1:42-1:54. It wasn't a big deal in the bigger picture. Also, I don't know what's wrong with the extended fade down of the last note as an ending; nothing seemed out of place there, so I'm ignoring that.

I assumed I'd probably end up going NO given the way this vote was turning out, but while there's some production and performance work that I wish could be tightened up, this was still very capably arranged and executed, and I didn't hear any red flags that made me think this couldn't hang. The structure held fast to the source, but was extremely personalized. Like Vig, I felt the dynamics here were actually really well done.

All in all, it where it needs to be to make it. Keep improving, Max!


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tough vote. the source is great, and this is a great arrangement of it. I agree with the production concerns; the guitar struck me as being really dry at first, the bass and acoustic drums feeling thin/dry, but as the song progressed things really came together and I found myself enjoying the soundscape quite a bit. borderline for me, but


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