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I'd like to run a competition if possible

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Hey guys,

My name is Daniel, I'm a video games journalist working for a site within the UK called The Games Ingredients, you can visit our site at http://thegamesingredients.net

I apologise if this is the wrong place to post it, however I can't find a contact us link. Basically, we're going to be recording a video review of Twisted Metal when it comes out in early 2012. Originally we were looking at the September release window, however the title was pushed back.

Never the less, we were hoping OCRemix would be happy to post something on the site about this competition?

What we'd like to do, is for the composers of OCRemix, to have their twisted take on the Twisted Metal theme, as heard here:

And here:

We'd then choose the best version, in our own opinions, to use within the video review. We'd be more than happy to offer a cash prize to the winner, we'd host the song on our site, we'd credit the artist where ever necessary and we'd be happy to advertise OCRemix.org on our site completely free. Equally, we'd give references for all entrants in the competition for all future projects and applications.

We've contacted David Jaffe via twitter also, he'll be watching the review with Scott Campbell and the rest of the team in the best case scenario.

Can someone kindly inform me as to who the person to contact to discuss this would be?

Many thanks for all your help.

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