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Which reminds me, you guys should set up a VGDJ torrent tracker. Would make it a lot easier for people to grab a bunch at once so they can catch up.

We tried that once with ThaSauce, but couldn't get enough people to seed us. ;_; But yeah, I agree with José; it'd be awesome if we could sync episode 50 with remix 1500, Summoning of Spirits, and the torrent stuff... That's been the plan, but it really all depends on how fast Dave and the project team can pull it off. Either way, we have so much stuff in store for this ep you won't know what hit you!

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Hey Zircon. I just catched up in the last few episodes and heard that you may be looking for a new sig. If that's so, I could arrange something for you if you want. Just let me know...

Oh btw, I wanted to tell you that, about your podcast animation skillz, you're really getting better with each episodes and it shows. You've gotten a lot of confidence and you sounds way more lively then ever. In the beginning of your VGDJ duty, you seemed IMHO a little uneasy and not as confortable as you could, like you were a bit shy maybe. But now, it's like you've been doing this for years so congrats! And I dont mean that "Jillybean" has not improved as well. It's just that she's very natural with this so, she was already in the zone the first time, so it doesnt show as much... Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that because everyone deserve some elaborated praise every so often. :D

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Hahaha, look at that smile. Judging by the balloon, you must be happy with your snazzy new SuperGreenX CD's! (Get it? Ha? Ha?) Don't be surprised if a couple of those end up in the VGDJ Action Shot Photo Album. ^_~

EDIT: P.S. Watch out for that lady behind you! :o

Yeah, I was trying to imitate the :mrgreen: smile from memory and did a pretty poor job at it--though I did have that green hoodie on by coincidence. I noticed the woman behind me just before I posted it :roll:.

I actually didn't have SGX's albums (or VGDJ, thanks to my dead iPod) with me Wednesday through Sunday. Trance music (don't start...) doesn't really fit in with the neo-Woodstock atmosphere there and besides, I haven't even listened to them all the way through yet. I'm really sorry; I have so much new music from so many sources to digest right now it isn't even funny!

I think I finally know how you feel as a Judge, Zircon.

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That's right. Our 50th episode- for real this time! Rivaling the Video Games Live show (#043) in size, this motha is almost an hour and thirty minutes of sheer madness. We guarantee you're gonna love this one... particularly if you're a long-time listener. But no matta! Ees good.


We have a bunch of special surprises in store for this episode, so NO SPOILERS PLEASE! If you wanna post about how excited you are, be our guest, just do it in WHITE TEXT. Thankies. (^-^)

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