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Weird Windows 7 Problem with Sound Playback/Sound

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Alright, specs:

Windows 7 SP1

Intel i5 chip

M-Audio Delta 1010LT Soundcard

Issue: I've found other sites name a similar problem but never actually offer solutions to the problem. No one ever actually identifies the problem and the fix which is absolutely odd. Anyways, using Winamp or WMP I pause a file to take a break (I listen to a lot of mixtapes over individual songs) and when I return to it, it looks like WMP or Winamp can't find the file, can't find the location where it paused or indicates that it can't play the file by not even offering a timer (WMP) or having the timer just remain at the time paused or zero (WinAmp.) This also sometimes happens when just starting a file after stopping (not pausing) a file.

Now I'm thinking it might be a problem with using a soundcard designed for 32 bit (Delta 1010) or it is a chip issue (buffer issue.) Now before I go mucking with my hardware, has anyone ever had a similar problem and been able to properly concoct a solution?

Also, this problem stops ALL sound but not video playback. Sometimes, removing Winamp Agent and audio programs from the task manager helps the issue but it is only ever a temporary solution before the antics start happening again.

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I haven't had that problem specifically, but sometimes if I have my DAW (Sonar) minimized and attempt to play audio in another program the audio won't work and I'll either get error messages, or no sound, or a time bar that doesn't work. In this case, it's an issue with driver sharing -- Sonar's using the audio drivers and doesn't want to give them up. It sounds like that could be what's happening for you, although I don't know what program might be taking control of the drivers if that's the case. If you haven't tried already, you could maybe try turning off various background programs and services that look at all like they might use the audio drivers -- not just Winamp and other obviously audio programs -- and see if that has any impact.

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