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One of the best last Amiga games to have been released (and subsequently ported to other platforms; I think the only non-Commodore console that got it was the Mega Drive, and the PC got a CD-ROM version), it was also one of the best sounding, since software developers have had plenty of time to come to terms with the capabilities of the "Paula" sound chipset.

The Ancient Egypt-themed stages of Zool 2 featured a "big band/swing club" style tune, presented as best as could be with the best MOD/tracker software available (they certainly got the horn section down pat).

I've often wondered what it would sound like with some lyrics. None of the "neo-swing" Brian Setzer crap. Something older, from a Golden Age (early 1950's) America that was still fascinated with "the Orient". Something that describes the thoughts of the Nth Dimension ninja as he passes through the Ancient Land of the Pharaohs, with everything trying to kill him (bearing in mind that Zool 2 also featured the option of choosing a female protagonist, and that the main antagonist of the game was a Dr. Robotnik-patterned Mental Block; I say "Robotnik-patterned" since, unlike the previous game, the bosses of each world are the same guy in a different form).

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The title theme of Zool 2 is already a "remix" of a gameplay theme from the original Zool (in the original, you chose from a small variety of tunes, and were stuck with that one throughout the whole game, kinda like how Chuck Rock played the title theme throughout the game if you didn't choose SFX instead of Music; later advancements in Amiga memory management meant individual tunes for individual levels). Even if it wasn't, it's tough to remix a tune that's literally nothing but clicks and whistles, with the odd chicken cluck or gunshot tossed in.

Part of the title tune (the recognizable part, not the cartoon sound effects), however, was used in one of the "radio" tunes in Lotus Turbo Challenge 3, so you might have better luck drawing inspiration from that.

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