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OCR01389 - *YES* Ecco 2: The Tides of Time 'Fury of Medusa'


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as you know, submitted song somewhere between the end of may and the beginning of april.

The song remixed is: Vents of Medusa

From: Ecco 2 The Tides of Time

to avoid the confusion of last time...


The original song in .vgz format is HERE!

My remix of it can be found here:

As you already know, i have a remix of the same song on the site already. So having to be very different with it is what i have done.

uhmm thats all i got

if you need more info..which i doubt, let me know



http://www.zophar.net/vgm/ecco2.zip - "Vents of Medusa"

http://www.ocremix.org/detailmix.php?mixid=OCR01018 - "Madusa Mix"

Since Allen has already mixed the same source material before for OCR, it's linked here to make the comparison over whether this sub is different enough.

Though the electrosynths and claps were pretty standard, Allen made this arrangement work. I liked the layering of his melodic lines, i.e. the belltone-type synth and electrosynth (e.g. :07-:14), and the subsequent harmonizing going on (e.g. :14-:42). The volume's a little bit much for me, but it's nothing I take off points for, as the mixing is OK. Even for having the same basic groove for the first minute, things were energetic and arranged simplistically but nicely.

Good thick bass shot at 1:27 that made a nice transition point to some more arrangement that didn't have to rely on beats to fill out the space until those came back at 2:02. The only thing holding me back on this is that from 2:07 until the end at 3:07, the groove and the arrangement were basically just retreading themselves. I liked some of the more subtle changes, like the lower electrosynth from 2:43-2:49, but those alterations were too little to keep things progressive and developing towards the end.

Not that you can't ever repeat anything ever in the track, but at least provide something more or different with the last minute for some variation. This was, mind you, a relatively short mix, and comparing to the even shorter Medusa Mix that mix had more variation going on. As long as the last minute is worked on a bit, I'm there with a solid YES, but I've gotta ask for a resubmission.

NO (definitely resubmit)

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First of all, this mix is most definately different enough from his other mix of the same tune.

I acknowledge Larry's reservations; indeed this song does more or less follow an ABA structure. There certainly could be more ideas being expressed in the song. However I disagree that the song is too repetitive. It's a straightforward pop song. There are three sections, and the first is similar to the third, but i think the short length of the track allows it to get away with this simple structure without being really repetitive.

The arrangement is not well developed enough for this to be considered a really strong YES, and it would certainly be a NO if the production and execution werent so slick.

but it's just good enough for me.


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the structure is lame but expected and shouldn't be used to discredit the track. the production is fantastic and this is quite a groovy little pop song.

the bass drop going into the second section is KUDOS

this is different from the other mix and again, i can't find any particular reason to say that it doesn't get a yes from me. if this track had vocals on it, that last section would be considerably more accessible even if the vocals did not vary from the first section... but i'm sure you'd see that it isn't senseless for the track to have resolved the way it did.

its good.


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I wish the song just sounded more anthemic, but that's probably the fault of the source tune. It's a good remix of a forgettable source tune, and you did a good job of trying to make it as catchy as possible. The production is pretty tight; not too muddy, not too much reverb, everything is just right.

The structure is okay. Not a lot of risks taken, but its solidly excecuted. Decent concept, solid execution; I give it a YES.

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