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Celestial Winter, a sentimental atmospheric winter album

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I love winter, it's such an enchanting season to me.

The whole landscape changes and becomes this snowy playground.

This whole project started about two or three years ago i guess when the east coast had that huge snowstorm.

In the middle of a break of shoveling 4 feet of snow out of our driveway i wrote the rough draft of Icicles ,and that's sort of where it all started.


Welp here it is now my sentimental ode to winter, I hope all of you enjoy.

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The album has my thumbs up. The light textures, the easy to listen to sound design, the crystal synths used for the melodies... it all works wellin the context of a Christmas album.

I hope plenty of people have the time to check it out, as it's a pretty relaxing listen, overall.

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While this album isn't really directly related to Christmas I guess I can accept it in that context.

Thanks for all the listens and downloads people I hope you all really like it.

I've had one friend of mine say that i should do the other seasons as well and I'm considering it but I'll have to think about that.

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