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New 8 Bit Weapon album "Bits with Byte" out now~!


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Bits with Byte is a landmark album for us. A new sound and

direction for the band was necessary to make Bits with Byte

possible. Infused with a new appreciation for exploring sounds

and embracing a healthy dose of chaos, this powerful album

stands out in 8 bit weapon's over a decade long career as a true

game changer.

1. Bits with Byte 03:01

2. Galactic Invasion 03:03

3. Apple Core II 01:57

4. The Art of Video Games Anthem 03:12

5. Miami Dub Bounce 02:39

6. We Fight for the Users 03:05

7. Drive Grinder 03:11

8. Escape from Xenon 03:08

9. Goodbye Cochise 01:36

10. Closer 2.00 2:45

11. Micro Boogie 2.0 03:45

12. Chip On Your Shoulder (Electric High Mix) 03:20

13. Closer (8 Bit Bandit Remix) 06:02

14. Chip On Your Shoulder (Sanxion7 Remix) 03:30

15. Bits with Byte Demo 02:54

16. The Art Of Video Games Anthem Demo 03:16

17. Galactic Invasion Demo 02:54

You can preview our album in its entirety here:


Thank you

Seth & Michelle :) :]

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