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Sonic Stadium Music Album 2011


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So recently a well known Sonic Community website, Sonic Stadium has just released an album celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. Here is the main website for Sonic Stadium.


And here is the website for the official release of the album.


This is an awesome album, with 45 tracks from various community members. Video Games include Sonic the Hedgehog (8 and 6 bit), Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16 bit) Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles, Sonic Adventures, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic '06, Sonic Advance, and a plethora of other Sonic games. There are even some original interpretations of Sonic music, and some songs are arranged in the Sonic Generations Classic and Modern styles. The range is large enough to potentially incorporate some songs to your liking. Yet there are certain songs with lackluster audio quality. Nevertheless, you should listen to these with an open mind.

The album consists of 4 discs with 11 tracks each. The final disc has 12 tracks. The first song is The Blue Blur - Title Screen, which is a combination of all title screens from the Genesis era Sonic games. The final song is Remnant of Time [sonic Boom], which is, by its name, a remix of Sonic Boom. Notable songs include:

Endless Mine (1000 Miles), a mash up of Endless Mine and 1000 miles

The Boss (Genesis)

Underground Zone [Generations Modern Style]

The Mountain Full of Ice [ice Mountain Zone Act 1]

Sanctuary's Precipice [Hidden Palace]

Building the Empire [scrap Brain]

And so much more!!! Check it out, download it, and discuss it here!!!

BTW: This is my first thread, so excuse me for this long thread. Please don't dissect me and feed my decaying carcass to EggRobos.

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Psychowolf, it's actually 2.3 hours. A lot of the songs are good, but some sound like they where recorded from the built in microphone of their computers...


Personally i don't mind that really, the unplugged songs especially are meant to sound like that aren't they?

I gotta admit tho alot of the songs seem to be catching me off guard when they end.

That's my only gripe so far, non-conclusive endings.

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Oh my, it did get posted here too, =O!

I'm Wolfblur from the album and glad a few people from here liked it, like it really means a lot to me at least. I was really tempted to maybe post a few of mine here, but honestly was a bit intimidated, since rejection can be a norm around here due to the strive for best-of-the-best kinda work.

So yeah! Awesome! We'll have another one out next year as well, and hopefully even bigger.

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On 3/3/2012 at 1:30 AM, Xenon Odyssey said:

So, did Urban Flow get permission from Ztrop to use his arrangement? Cuz that's pretty uncool to just take that midi, upgrade the sounds, and re-call it your own without any recognition if he didn't.

You have to refresh the page after you click on the midi link to get it to play.

Amazing that I am just now finding out about this old thread, but I felt I should at least say something regarding this accomplishment. I am Ztrop, and I have just discovered how I have also contributed to this impressive achievement by the community to be appreciated for years to come! But as Xenon points out, I was not awarded due credit for my original remix of Endless Mines on this album. I originally composed this track in 2002 and uploaded for VGMusic, here you can view the MIDI file receipt:


Thank you OCRemix for providing me and others with hours of exceptional soundtracks and for helping elevate quality talent, I have been an OCR fan for decades and would greatly appreciate having my own contributions to the Sonic fan community recognized. And thanks to Xenon for the shout-out and for identifying my track, I am truly flattered!

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