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OCRA-0005 - Doom: The Dark Side of Phobos


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Just wanna say, I've been a long time fan of the OC (so much better than that shitty WB show...though I've never actually seen it).

Listened to the album, and I thought I'd send back some love and creative criticisms...of course, it goes without saying that I realize everyone put in a tremondous amount of work, so THANK YOU!

With that being said...


Intermission (by TO)

Black and white horror flick credits. The movie’s got some fun bits, it seems well received. Some years later, it shows up on one of the shows where people cook dinner while watching old horror flicks with funny bits.


Infiltrator (Evil Horde, RoeTaKa)

Mission Impossible meets Desperado. Some guy with a huge arsenal gets to get it on with Selma Hayek...sadly, he never unloads his barrel. Though the song doesn't seem to have much of a climax, the overall consistency of the piece's "bad-ass-ness" makes for a great heavy makeout session. The strings section is the time to go for the big score.


Welcome to Hell (Pixietricks, TO)

Perfect sound-scape for Halloween. It's even got your neighbor's wind-chimes.


Hangarmageddon (Evil Horde)

Capcom seeks out Black Sabbath to devise a heavy rockin' Final Boss track for their anniversary edition of Castlevania X. Be prepared: from the intensity and length of this track, you're in for a battle with Dracula unlike any other.


Infected Lab (DJ Carbunk1e)

You ever play Wipeout XL? You ever eat shrooms? You ever play Wipeout XL after eating shrooms?

Try racing your friends at night to this track. Make sure you buckle up and have your radar-tracking on full.


Industrial Strength (Joker)

Imagine Samus on Phobos hunting metroids...in a body-snug spandex spacesuit.

I don't know what it is...there's just something really HOT about his song. I suppose if I was weirder, I'd say I'd like to take some acid and watch Jennifer Connely strip to this track (Note: I specifically mean the JC from Requiem for a Dream...)

Really, that's not as weird as it may sound.


Secrets and lies (TO)

Halloween sound-scape 2? Nope. You've wandered the bloody caverns of Phobos to stumble upon a jazzy little inn from one of Final Fantasy’s more robotic cities, "Welcome. You look like a warrior. Would you to like rest from your adventures? It's only 500 GP a night." Just beware of the occasional haunting laugh, hissing whisper, and howling wind.


The Glass Moon (DJ Carbunk1e, Ryan8Bit)

Pink Floyd tripping hard while attempting to play Dark Side of the Moon, then the DJ dives in and screams , “Hey! I can dig that bluesy groove, man!”

Sadly, while the DJ rocks, Pink Floyd refuses to give that riff a lunch break (and any variation of said riff). But those who stick with this track, you will be pleasantly rewarded with a wicked ending and a haunting laugh all too related to "the lunitic".


Mystery Meat (Nousentre)

Dream Theatre and Metallica meet up to create the hit band Metalic Nightmare! This should be someone's thesis for music school. The composition is both rockin' and...mathematically complex (but in a good way, really, no serious, I mean it)...


The Leaning Tower of Babel (Evil Horde)

I can't lie...the first minute or so of this track was a like a lobotomy using one of those squishy hammers that squeak when you hit something.

After my much needed lobotomy, however, the beat gets seriously funked up and thoroughly enjoyable.


Ocean Pollen (RoeTaKa)

In the first two minutes about a handful of trump cards get thrown down. The song is as unpredictable as New York weather (or my girlfriend), while remaining true to its epic yet humble spirit (like a level 99 character that hangs out with the teens).

There's a Piano aria that should have been on the Lost in Translation soundtrack. Actually, if Thomas Newman were to compose a score for a love scene in space, this would be it. (definitely a fav.)


Reprocessed (Beatdrop)

If you can listen to the first minute without having a seizure, you’re a better man than I. However, while I was freakin' out, I had this awesome dream...I was at a NIN concet and Trent Reznor (with his spiffy little red devil horns) yells out to the crowd, "I LOVE METROID! And I wanna dedicate this song to Mother Brain! YEAH, LOVE SUCKS! It hurts! Like a thousand needles in your black heart! YEAH!"

Long story short: NIN and Metriod for a gothic night of industrial beat-dropping...on your synapses.


Aria of the Damned (Hemophiliac, Pixietricks)

You probably didn’t know that Edward Scissorhands had a brother. Yeah, he joins the interplanetary army and flies off into space to go kick the crap out of demonic aliens. It's a really big deal...lots of drama...But he’s got the same pale effaced demeanor as his brother...no Wynona, though. Game Over.


Ghosts of Mars (Mythril Nazgul)

Epic Voodoo ceremonies on Phobos are usually accompanied by freaky women chorale groups. Alex Van Halen moves over and lets the xylophonist solo for a while. Later some of the baritones and basses get jealous and want in the action, so they jump in and add their own "awe-ing" edge of creepiness.

All of this and more to the steady beat of bongos...no, but seriously, this track is an amazing hybrid of so many varied styles, it's like one of those mixed drinks that you'd never imagine could taste any good, but soon become the only thing you order. (also a fav.)


Iron Cathedral (Prophecy)

Depeche Mode without lyrics or any real climax. I know that's the riff from the game, I know there was only so much to work with, and the admendments are great. But those 16 notes bob up and down so much, I found myself with a neck cramp halfway through the song.

Like I said before, there are some really creative sections (where your neck gets a breather), but I kept waiting in fear of those 16 notes...ba-da-ba-da-ba-DA-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-DA-ba-da...


The Dark Side of Phobos (Daniel Baranowsky)

What can I say? The man's just messing around...with your HEAD!

Obviously DB is a master of the movie score. Epic, comes to mind. The theme from Psycho too (I think it's the vicious strings)...the drums come out of nowhere and grab your face and stab sharp keys into your eyes. When it's finished beating you up like a Barney-shaped punching bag, it hurls you into the empty oblivion of outerspace. Eventually you’re left alone, floating in a sidereal graveyard with all your dead buddies, left there to lament accompanied only by your grief and a weepy piano…does that make any sense?


The Chemical Imps (RoeTaKa)

RoeTaKa, where did you come from? (And if you say "your mother", I'm gonna have to do you one better and ask, "Then where's your mother from?")

This track...hmmm...how should I put it..."A demonic robot lord’s favorite sushi, eaten off the stiff body of some hot babe's milky cadaver. Nasty goodness all around. Holds you up to heights you fear, and never lets you down. So just learn to love it!" Oh, and smack a bullfrog!


Demon Con Gusto (analoq)

You know that song by Men in Hats, the Safety Dance…”You can dance if you want to…”…?

Actually...nevermind. I don't know what I was thinking. Though, there's something about the beat that is all too reminiscent of the 80's...it's got this cream filling, though...tastes a little like...hmm...The Crystal Method...? (And, yes, I mean the band...)


Darkness Drawing (Elsa Persson, Larsec)

"A" for effort. Not particular my taste in music. But I can "feel" the effort pouring at me, like a shower of hot coals.

Now, I'm an actor, and I've heard a lot of musicals (which this piece reminded me of)...and I don't particularly like musicals...but I’ll admit the harmonizing is very well composed. My favorite part, by far, is when she enters heavy metal mode…then exits stage right. (I think that's something this world needs more of: Women Death Metal singers... seriously, that would be scary and kind of hot...come on, you know you think so...don't you?)


This can’t be Good (ArseAssassin)

With a name like Arse Assassin, I was hoping that my arse was in for a serious beating (thank you, sir, may I have another!)...butt that wasn't quite the case.

I mean...The beat is sweet…the lasers are cool…the x-files sound fx are fine…there’s just an element of progression missing. It’s like a Megaman demo level for Dancing-Space-Ghost-Man. By the time it was getting really "interesting", it was already over...and my girlfriend HATES when that happens.


ElectroCute Bunny (TO)

This track has two major chapters:

Chapter 1) some guy playing a meloncholy tune on a piano in some swamp.

Chapter 2) the Ewoks celebrating to M.C.Hammer’s “The Addam’s Family”…

If you dig pianos, swamps, Ewoks, and M.C. Hammer...you may or may not like this song. Personally, I do like this song, but maybe not quite as much as "You can't touch this!"...it's that damn crab dance thing he does, I can't help it!


Jade Spawn (Bladiator, TO)

Reminds me of the escape scene in Shawshank Redemption…but Andy Dufrain is actually Harry Potter played by Johnny Depp…Old Red is played by a dark shadowy figure…and the prison is haunted…and Jennifer Connely plays that girl Hermione (but all grown up)...and at some point the guards realize he's missing and split up into several elite forces to search for him. Harry Potter must use Metal Gear Solid like skills...

WAIT! That's it...that's what I've been trying to say this whole time: This song belongs in Metal Gear Solid...listen and imagine a VR mission, or a sneaking mission...see? It all makes perfect sense now.

Ah...wow...I'm glad I figured that one out...


I believe that is all...hope you get somethin' out of all this madness...

I'll be around


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Mystery Meat (Nousentre)

Dream Theatre and Metallica meet up to create the hit band Metalic Nightmare! This should be someone's thesis for music school. The composition is both rockin' and...mathematically complex (but in a good way, really, no serious, I mean it)...

As a matter of fact I was listening to Dream Theater (yeah i know "theater" is spelled wrong but that is how the band spells it, AND i'm a huge fan of the band) and Coal Chamber for inspiration for this song. Good call.

And as for a thesis, . . . just a second, . . . my head is getting a little big from pride and I have to find something to prop it up against.

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The kind words are appreciated. For myself: kind words don't materialize out of thin air, they require a substantial amount of inspiration (like spells need "mana" or like wives need diamonds).

However, I will apologize for the borderless breadth of responses I wrote. (For reviews that confuse, just give it try and open your mind...maybe something will stick). It was roughly 5 in the morning when I finally finished and set my fingertips down. I have no excuses.

The story goes like this:

I had literally gotten halfway through downloading the entire Phobos album, when I noticed that one little word "here"...it was underlined and lonely...I felt sad and curious. So I strolled my cursor over to it and gave it a tickle-click. Next thing I knew, I was here...there's more to this story, but it doesn't seem to have an ending...or it may, but I seem to have misplaced it...("I had it right here a minute ago...oh well")...

Keep up the great work everybody! I look forward to future feature OC projects...I look backward to previously mentioned past productions...I also look a little tired, cuz I am.


p.s. All these snide references to girlfriends and wives...why? Because I'm getting engaged in a couple of weeks...it's just my way of "dealing"...

[message end]

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RoeTaKa, where did you come from? (And if you say "your mother", I'm gonna have to do you one better and ask, "Then where's your mother from?")

Well, I first came from my dad really, then came from my mother. My mother is from England, like my dad, like myself :wink:.

But to be honest, I just don't really know! Maybe some odd alien soundplanet that fed me dirty juices (that's odd...). Thanks for the awesome reviews man :D. (Reviews?! Felt more like, love...).

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Hey all, I've been going to OCRemix for a while but this project was the first that got me inspired to create a forum account. For the most part, I liked the album. It's diverse set of styles matched its source game (some heavy, some ambient) and meant that there was something for everyone, and I thought it was arranged pretty well, with only a few minor nitpicks from me. (Intermission is a horrible CD-opener, and Darkness Dawning would have been a better closer than ElectroCute Bunny)

Where my thoughts differ from the majority of posts I've read here is that unlike the people who have never played Doom and judge each song on its own as a unique creation, I judge each of them as a homage first, and a song in their own right second. With that in mind, here are my thoughts on each of my favorites. (Albeit without nearly as many sex and drug references as Omega Man...:roll:)

Welcome To Hell/Hangarmageddon

A creepy atmospheric intro with resonable facsimiles of the shotgun blast, Baron of Hell roar, and the Marine's scream, with all sorts of accompanying sounds like chimes and whispered hallucinated voices, something that would fit really well into Doom3, but then... the rising guitar riff. And then THE song. The one that's burned into the brain of everybody who's ever played the shareware. The one that introduces you to the game. Excuse me. My ears just had an orgasm. I need a towel.

Seriously though, it was done perfectly, with a great breakdown and solo after the first run through the melody.

The Glass Moon


The Leaning Tower Of Babel

These two take the familiar melody I know, whether it be the lonely guitar wail of e1m8 or the deep synth of e2m8, and then after taking them out for a spin, give them a cool beat and do a bit of experimenting with them. These are an example of my favorite style of remix, one that adventures enough to be interesting but sticks close enough to home to feel safe.

Infected Lab


Secrets and Lies

The style of these two would be the opposite of the two above, in that they take that familiar melody and place it out of its element. Infected Lab takes the slow, brooding e1m7 and turns it into a fast, upbeat techno song. Secrets and Lies takes e1m9's fast, guitar-driven melody, and slows it down and mellows it into an atmospheric, cautiously optimistic interlude.

And both work really well. I like songs of this style too, a familiar tune in a new setting, but still recognizable.

Mystery Meat

Man, my ears had just recovered from the bliss of Hangarmageddon, and now they get a new, bass-y treat! (What can I say. I'm a metalhead and it's no surprise that those two are my favorites.) This song makes its own identity, as it's slower, heavier, and sludgier that Hangarmageddon. It uses all its instruments to their maximum effect, from the bass intro to the guitar lead to the double-bass-drum action. Very well done.

Demon Con Gusto

This one falls into the "experiment with a classic song" category described above, as analoq takes an all-out rock song and changes it into a happy musical journey with the familiar lead melody (sans guitar solo) as your companion and tour guide along the way.

Nice transformation.

The Dark Side Of Phobos

The strings and percussion are well done here, conveying a sense or urgency and danger and sounding like something out of a movie soundtrack. I think I heard the deep e1m5 melody under the strings for a second there, but then it was gone. The song mostly sticks to its unique path. It falls more on the Original Song side of the line, but the references that exist, combined with the awesomeness of the song as a whole, get it a thumbs-up from me.

Darkness Dawning

The opening piano is dead-on what I remember from the games, and brings back memories of one of my favorite songs from the Doom soundtrack. It perfectly catches the feeling of the aftermath of some great (boss) battle, and then-what's this? Lyrics? It was surprising, but now that I'm used to them I think they really add to the song. They fit the gloomy (and Doomy) tone of the song just fine, and I don't notice the growing number of distortions in her voice as her disguise starts falling apart, and when she reveals herself, that scream really surprises me, as does the song switching into something more evil (and heavy), with the lead guitar filling the melody perfectly.

Well, those would be my favorites of the lot. Even if there were some I wouldn't listen to outside of the album, I think I got my "money's worth" out of the project, and it's got a home on my hard drive right next to my collection of Mazedude's Doom 2 songs.

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Where my thoughts differ from the majority of posts I've read here is that unlike the people who have never played Doom and judge each song on its own as a unique creation, I judge each of them as a homage first, and a song in their own right second. With that in mind, here are my thoughts on each of my favorites. (Albeit without nearly as many sex and drug references as Omega Man...:roll:)

Nice reviews bud. You're right though...all these tracks were coming from a fan of music and games, who sadly has never been familiar with Doom (not really...I mean, we've ALL played one Doom title at sometime or another...)

But I won't lie, and I won't exaggerate...after listening to this set, I've not only researched more on the game, but on the original tunes. I went into it thinking, "Damn! These tracks are (across the board) of such a high caliber and of my taste (The Kirby project was fun and beautiful, but I have to say DSoP rocks me in a way my squishy little star knight never could).

I think maybe because I was lucky enough to hear these remixes first and from such a wide variety of talents (touching on a HUGE breadth of genres), I find myself more engaged with the remixes than the orginals (NOBODY SHOOT ME!...just my taste...)

As for sex and drugs...there's this saying...how does it go? Sex, drugs, and....wait...it's coming to me...THAT'S IT!--Rockin Remixes. I love 'em all. But seriously, if I'm dabbling in the Taboo, (mods and mixers) just let me know. I'd hate to offend whilst I praise. Tis a sour note that stings the nostrils...


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Jade Spawn really stick out in my mind at this point


(the names not so much the music).


Actually now that I've listened to the album roughly 10 times I can honestly say that Jade Spawn is my favorite. ;)

Some of my other favorites are:

The Leaning Tower of Babel

This Can't Be Good

Demon Con Gusto

The Glass Moon


Infected Lab

ElectroCute Bunny

That's not a particular order either, although I have listened to The Leaning Tower of Babel at least 20 times... hehe

The Chemical Imps stood out before because I had thought I blew out my speakers. :D

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Just got this email:

i am emailing you to request your permission (and the permission of the other editors) that i an some others on the site http://www.AnimeMusicVideos.org may be allowed to use your album The Dark Side of Phobos as a Multi-Editor Project. What i mean is we will have 23 editors who will make a music video to each track of the album and then compile it into one 1 and a half hour music video.

Thankyou for your time.


Very cool, in my opinion. I said yes.

Any complaints?

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So, will that project take a year as well? :lol:

Anime eh?

Just as long as they make my song very dark and "murderous-like". As cheesly as it sounds, I think of horror when I hear Mystery Meat (bloody-gore related), Reprocessed ("the grudge" theme), and The Dark Side of Phobos (chasing theme music).

However, I do realize the site will be the ones creating it themselves from their perspective. I just think of the videos for those songs being like horror flicks, blood, gore and murder . . . . yes I know I do have a problem but the voices inside my head have assured me that they will never find the bodies.:twisted:

ps- If anyone from www.animemusicvideos.org reads this and is by chance looking for inspiration besides gore , "ghost in the shell" is my all time favorite anime. :wink:

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Thankyou to all artists who worked on the Dark Side of Phobos album. Firstly thankyou for creating such an amazing album, and secondly thankyou for giving me permission to use this album as a basis for a Multi-Editor Music Video.

And yes, the general emotions/theme for the Video will be horror, but may vary due to each editors choice (just like the album).

Each video will be available seperately also.

Any further questions then feel free to contact me:

Aim - Prodigi249

Yahoo - Prodigi249

MSN - Prodigi249@hotmail.com

Once again, thankyou

- Prodigi

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Hey, everyone... I believe this is my first, if not close to first, time posting here. I seem to have created an account before, but I don't recall ever using it.

Anyway, I'm an avid fan of remix tracks, and of techno, trance, dance, and a little pinch of death metal. I came across this project on the site a while back, but due to massive computer malfunctions, I have been without a suitable PC (suitable to doing anything but turning on and giving me errors) for quite some time. I just recently got a chance to download this collection, and...

Wow. Just... wow. There's few words I can use to describe such a complete and magnificent collection such as this one. Upon listening to the entire selection (keeping me company as I hit the books in preparation for my Calc exam tomorrow), I can say that I was immensely surprised as well as pleased with the overall quality, immersion, and satisfaction of all the songs. Only being drawn out by one song ("Reprocessed", I thought it was a tad too much), I was enveloped in a zen-like trance as the music entered my ears and proceeded to pummel my brain into submission with its mixture of dark, gothic instrumentals and heavy precussion beats with a dab of very skillfully-executed guitar.

Every track feels very natural, and they tend to flow together well. As someone else mentioned, the transition from Track 1 to Track 2 was nearly at a Deific level, and a bit more of that manner of transition would have been greatly enjoyed... of course, with such a large, collaborative effort, it is difficult to do such things, so the lack of any more of these transitions is understandable.

I give my highest regards to each and every member who put forth effort for this collection. It must have taken a great amount of time, skill, and devotion to pull off such a feat, but now that it is complete you can revel in the fruits of your victory, see the glowing smiles on the children's faces, and make your way up to the stage platform to receive your award.

... Alright, perhaps no trophies will be given out for this, but my word still stands. I enjoyed this collection thoroughly, and appreciate each and every team member's effort. Thank you for this!

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