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SZRC - The Sonic Zone Remix Competition 2012


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Awwww, there is so much love in this thread :mrgreen:

You know, briefly looking at the voting I've been seeing a number of you pancakes voting for your rivals instead of yourselves. That warms me a lot - you guys sure have big hearts for something so high in cholesterol :)

Maybe the lizards don't vote for each other because we're cold-blooded ;-)

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As of writing this, i have yet to place my votes but i wanted to get the comments in first.

Battle 1 - Brandon Strader VS Tuberz McGee

Brandon -

Your match up against Tuberz is difficult for me to decide on because you both went down a very similar road of smooth chilled rock and nothing too up-beat, it's more laid back than the stuff i've heard you do before and ...quite frankly i like it. The vocal harmonies are a good addition, i like that. You certainly got me enjoying your tune but the roughness of the saxophone is a bit of a shame because that would be 100% sealing the vote from me right now. I love saxophone (and general brass usage in songs, a lot of 90's hiphop samples use those instruments and it's kinda become a love of mine). Though, for what it's worth, this is one of my favourite tunes of yours and i love the direction you took the song towards.

Tuberz -

That bass is sick, I love it, it's very haunting in the way it keeps on going there in the background while the rest of the song just forms and evolves around it. Also, the guitar at the end, fantastic. I was hoping the song would lead to a jump off point and from the 3:00 minute mark i was satisfied, you brought a great tune.

I'm honestly torn here so this could go either way for me.

No matter what though, these were great songs from the pair of you.

Battle 2 - AMT VS urdailywater


A vocal remix with a great use of the melody from Metal Harbor, working the lyrics in to that kinda of melody was very genius. I'm the kinda guy who likes to hear vocals put to old video game melodies and this is definitely one of the better ones i've heard in recent years. All in all a somewhat bittersweet tune, especially on the guitar solo just after the 2 minute mark. Could put a grown man to tears, mate. Great stuff.

urdailywater -

A chillout track that in some ways almost feels very 'NiGHTS into Dreams-esque' to me, so from the get-go i like the tone and mood you went with for this tune. Not any problems production-wise, very happy with it ...my only problem with this match up is if a chillout ambient track can take on my love for vocal remixes, and that's only a personal issue and nothing to do with anything regarding the quality of your song. I'm not sure yet, but in any case i want to say great job on this track and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Battle 3 - DJ Mokram VS ladyWildfire

DJ Mokram -

Mokram, man. I had a feeling you'd bring some heavy hitter and from the off, when that bass kicked in, i knew you was on to a winner. I am not too familiar with both sources so i'm literally going on what i'm listening to, and i have to say i really like the sound of this tune here. My only minor gripe is the overuse of the voice samples. Just waaay too many in there, dude. I know what you were going for by using them but i feel that less could have been more and you would have still got the message across. Aside from that, great track as expected from you, man. Much respect!

ladyWildfire -

The thumping drum has me bopping my head. Definitely a kicking beat, and i'm all about kicking beats. The break down half way through leads in to an even more elaborated groove and it's hard not to at least tap ones foot to this rhythm. The only down side i could say about this is it does go on a little too long, for me anyway. If it was just a tad shorter, by about 30 seconds even then that would be ideal. To me, with a tune like this you run the risk of it sounding too similar for too long a period of time (great to listen to in clubs, though). In a nutshell though, it was a very good track and i did appreciate the quality that went in to production.

Battle 4 - Arceace VS halc

Arceace -

A gentle start and one that eases you in to it's flow, it's smooth on the ears and definitely a fine tune to listen to. Splash Hill was an odd choice in my book, it's not a preferred song of mine when it comes to the Sonic catalogue but what you were able to do with it was classy. Good work.

halc -

Straight away, paced drum and the bouncy bassline grabs me. The switch up half way through was good and flowed really well before bringing us back to the main beat. Getting the melody of Splash Hill in there, i just couldn't see it working, but you somehow incorporated it really well, it's almost like it was meant to be there, lol. Great work.

Battle 5 - KingTiger VS -------

KingTiger -

I see where you're going with your tune and i like the fact there's another little rap joint in the competition, so kudos on those marks and daring to bring something like that to the battle. One thing i will suggest for the future should you choose to rap on another tune is be aware of where you drop syllables in accordance to the beat. If a lyric or a bar sounds like it's out of flow then chances are that it is and if you want it to sound a little more neatly in time with the beat then it's always worth rewriting a lyric to get that flow sounding more on point. All in all though, a good effort. Well done.

Battle 6 - Gario VS Enigami

Gario -

Very upbeat, very tidy on the melody and a great use of the "go!" samples. Fitted in perfectly, quite frankly. I really like what you did here. Fantastic work.

Enigami -

Lol, dude. I'm sorry to hear what happened with your mix but for what it's worth i want to say you should at least win an award in this competition for persistence. Despite the fact that you only had 4 hours to throw something together i feel most people would have said "aaah, forget it" and thrown in the towel. You stayed on course though so if anything, well done on doing that. And needless to say, to use the 'error' sounds as notes for your tune, genius and very funny.

Battle 7 - Syllix VS Sir Jordanius

Syllix -

The main part i love from the Launch Base tune is the end part, which you chose to begin with. Kicking drums, awesome bass, great pace, love it. Just love it. Then after the break around the 2 minute mark you bring that awesome part back again. Hell, i could rap all over that part and enjoy every second of it, man. Fantastic remix, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sir Jordanius -

Lol, the intro is funny and you got the Bronx on your tune, that was some clever secret weapon. Would have been nice to hear Jose throw some lyrics down and rap something but alas that wasn't his role here. The tune has a very coastal club vibe, i'm almost picturing palm trees outside this venue, really nice grooves. Launch Base though is my preferred tune out of these two so when your remix kicks to LB and the "go!" vocals jump in i feel that that was the best part of the song, the highlight for me, even.

I love the feel of your tune but i'm loving Syllix's use of the LB melody so with this one i'm feeling kinda stuck.

Battle 8 - Chernabogue VS -----


As i said earlier, this one stood out the most to me. The xylophones and the piano on the main melody, the drooping bass and the brass samples, dude i love the whole damn thing and if you were not winning by auto-win then i would be voting on your tune regardless. An unexpected addition to the competition and daaaym such a gangster vibe, awesome work, man! Truly awesome! Would have loved to spit some lyrics on that.

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Well, I got about 1 minute and 20 seconds done over the weekend. Then tomorrow (Monday) I start my first day of my new job. So... hopefully I can continue to make steady progress and not burn myself out. WE WILL SEE!

If nothing else, what I have so far is pretty cool.

Good luck at the new job dude, I just started mine too, but I lucked out and I'm not scheduled during this week haha. I'm hoping you don't get burnt out too ;) I want a good showdown

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Luckily I got the majority of my arrangement done over the weekend, so now I need to do some sound design and a lot of production work. I tried a little something different, for me at least, this round. I may just have a surprise too :) The first half of the week is crazy for me at work, but hopefully the second half of the week will be more forgiving!

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You aren't the only one offering to give help if I'm stuck :D bustatunez also made an offer for helping out over the #ocremix IRC yesterday. Thankfully the jump to there from my 9-year-old copy of Cubase isn't too much of a giant threat, so we'll see how it goes.

See, I feel considerably warm with how surprisingly nice you guys in the Robotnik bracket really are. Did he give you all a promotion? :razz:

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Just found this thread - and I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome!

Also, no matter what happens, you guys should just pit Amphibious vs Xenon Odyssey and Main Finger vs Superior X together in a bonus round - because Rusty Ruin vs Hydrocity and Chemical Plant vs Lava Reef would be hot.

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Oh give me a break!! Pffft... Ben stinkin Briggs... he's just one man! How lovable and great can this guy be?

*switches TV channel to live media event from the white house*

"Ehh this just in, we've just received word that world hunger has been solved! And it's all thanks to Ben Briggs with his brilliant OCReMix forum post with the word "bark." It's so brilliant, yet so simple, and it doesn't even make any sense, but it truly is very easy to love this man! Back you to kent..."

Sometimes I am really weird...

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