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Seiken Densetsu 3: Songs of Light and Darkness - History


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That's fine. If you change your mind, grab something. :) Decision Bell is a great source, but if you're not feeling it, it'll be tricky to work with. Tried to come up with something for it myself, didn't. Any takers?

Rozo... did you get my last email about the WIP for Frenzy? Just curious what your thoughts were.

:tomatoface: Sorry, I've just been busy, I got it.

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A reminder:

- sign the consent form if you haven't already

- write a few lines about your mix, the source, the game, whatever

- get us your artist bio, preferably no too long

- you rock

- keiiii, you too: bio, notes on the big pics

- we want your wavs

- sub your tracks to ocr

Also, if you're interested in a track, start working on it, let us know in this thread, send me something so I know you're not heading in the wrong direction... we've only got a handful of tracks left before this behemoth is done.


Is anyone waiting for feedback? I feel like I'm stretched out over a whole lot of different mediums and means of communication, and my attempts to consolidate contact to my email seem to have only added to the confusion.

In other words. I'm an organizational mess. Who needs something from me at this point?

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Just as a general reminder, track notes and bios for every artist. We'll make stuff up for the tracks/ppl we don't have anything else for. It's for the website. Shouldn't be long, unless it's really interesting. ;)

Progress checkup in a few days. I wants updates, preferably as wavs. I'm satisfied with my own track's progress this month. Not quite as much with my collab. Time to do something.

Also, there are still available tracks. It'd be awesome to have an electric piano lullaby thing based on the Sleeping tune (#65 on the rsn), maybe with a jazz flavor and some weird chord things that jazz musicians love to do. Or maybe a world-music-infused rock take on Strange Medicine. Or why not a funky, scratchy thing based on Black Soup? Just some idea, just do something fun and in keeping with the project direction with the tracks. Come on ppl, so few tracks left, we're almost done. :D

edit: I hate having my posts last on a page. now you all know.

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My internet's been going in and out since last night and this is my third time attempting to post here.

For most intents and purposes, I am FINALLY moved in and although I'm still working on stuff and can't commit 100% back to the project yet, I'd say I'm about 75-80% there. So I'm around if anyone needs me, I still just got shit to work on - especially now that my internet's having issues.

Hope this posts. Thank you!

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I've got a work thing this week that requires me to leave my desktop machine and decent listening gear at home for a couple of days, so you have a few more days to meet the beginning-of-the-month-update due date.

I won't be incommunicado, I just don't know in what capacity I'll be around. I'm keeping an eye on my gmail and this thread, it's easy from the phone. PMs and IMs are pretty much out of the question, unless I get wifi or something where I'm staying.

Blah blah. Updates before the weekend plz. We're so close.

(and fyi, I'm satisfied with my own tracks' progress this month. haven't yet listened to the updates I've gotten so far. or update. I think there's just one. you know who you are.)

mak: sure, no problem.

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Howdy y'all.

Sorry for another protracted absence. I've got more shit going on IRL, health and whatnot, and other ends to tie up. There's a doctor's appointment coming up I'm kinda scared about, but if that goes well (with more signs leaning yes than no), I should be back here again.

Quick note for Rozovian: please change Karth's name to dmGuillotine. That was his request.

Thank you!

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Just PM/email me. Just cuz I'm not on aim doesn't mean I'm hidden away somewhere. :P

@DusK Rock? That would fit. For that matter, nothing wrong with making a remix that doesn't fit the project, it just... might not necessarily end up on the album. Give it a shot and show me. :D

btw, the month is almost over. ppl get your updates in so I know you're still with us. I've got some gameplay video I can use now, so that long-promised teaser should be around the corner.

edit: got it. leaving the suggestion to use other means of communication besides aim for the rest of you folks. ;)

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