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Best cables for studio? (Questions about Balance, and a small question about volume)

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Edit: After looking for answers elsewhere, I found a very helpful website that gives a description of almost every audio cable out there. To sum it up, I should stick with TRS or XLR. So that leaves one last question: What is the optimal volume level for my Yamaha HSM50s? It seems to click at 4dB. Here's a picture. The knob is at the top right corner.

Link to the helpful website: http://tweakheadz.com/all_about_cables.htm

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Optimal level for monitors? Depends on your use... For listening purposes, it can range anywhere between 60-80 dBFS (depending on your ability to hear and your hearing sensitivity) or in a playback/venue setting where you're going to lean towards 110 dBFS. That being said, there really is no "right" answer to what level you want to set your monitors at. Very often, engineers will drop it down to zero and bring it up slowly to see how everything they've mixed comes in properly, or from the other end, start off loud and bring it down to see how the characteristics change.

Essentially, it's something you need to figure out yourself. Sorry! :(

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