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Sonic 3D Blast : Panic Puppet Zone [ReMix]

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I absolutely love the source tune.

Panic Puppet 1 and 2 were my jams when I was in elementary and middle school. It was the kind of track that made me start thinking about making music (which didn't happen until years later).

I like the piano intro, very soothing and contemplative. Instantly recognizable as Panic Puppet 1. I also like that that particular part is quieter than the rest of the track.

I think your transitions still need work though. The first transition crash is a bit loud relative to how the next part just adds a bit of subtle percussion. The 2nd transition that leads to the electronica part sounds good though.

I feel that first electronica part runs a bit long though since it repeats quite a few times. Your snare snaps pretty well, your kick is audible and cuts through, so that's good. Your transition, again, from the electronica part [3:25] to the Panic Puppet piano theme breakdown needs work. The transition is too noticeable and the lowering in volume of the drums sticks out to me. Maybe if you added a boom or a low dropping sine wave to clue into the breakdown. Especially since it is so melancholic in that next part. The breakdown itself is great though.

The last electronic part where it explodes [4:58] sounds cool, but I think you'd benefit from a riser that leads up to that explosion, then the silence and drum/snare intro-fill. WIthout it, the two parts from the breakdown to the final climax sounds disjointed as two separate ideas, instead of one cohesive one. From the melody going on with that subtle analog-ish saw after the last climax, I was expecting a melody resolution that led to a strong, sweeping key-note bass with the drums continuing and the arpeggios. The melody just has that cool, epic lead-in to a strong bass feel to it, so you should use it, IMO.

Mixing-wise, I cannot comment much as I'm using laptop speakers at the moment so my input would be unreliable.

All in all, I love your ideas for this track that I've liked since I was a kid, but I think this still needs more "glue" between sections.

Keep in mind, I am influenced by my own ideas upon hearing this remix, so take what I say with a grain of salt. Perhaps some of the things I pointed out were highly intentional, but that was just my two cents :-)

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