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zircon - Identity Sequence - concept cyberpunk album, released!


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  • 4 weeks later...
so when do i get to buy this


Digital on Bandcamp for now for 9$ (or more). Probably a remnant of the advanced digital copy for backers. It includes the liner notes/CD booklet.

Physical, I'm guessing: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1363989456/zircon-identity-sequence-a-cyberpunk-inspired-jour/posts/362600

Colossus and Identity Sequence seem to be sticking out to me right now, but that will probably change as I listen more to the others.

Edit: ninja'd by the artist. :b

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Okay, so, Savant's new album just came out, and I have yet to listen to it... but I feel pretty confident calling Identity Sequence the best musical release of the year.

Antigravity has always been one of my favorite albums, but Identity Sequence doesn't just blow Antigrav out of the water, it really demonstrates you taking your music to a completely new level.

I absolutely love the track Identity Sequence itself, and everything from Colossus to The End has me floored.

The new master of System just gives it so much new life. It was a track of yours that underwhelmed me a bit when you first released it as an EP, but now I can't get enough of it.

The new version of Just Hold On is... perfect. It's just perfect. Just Hold On was already my favorite track of yours, and now it's just... It's perfect. Anything more I tried to say would just involve more ellipses.

No Regret is everything I never knew I always wanted from Antigravity. Seriously, Without Regret was excellent as it was, and not only did you make it unbelievably more addictive, I'm now completely in love with Chris Gordon's voice.

The End is just glorious. It's big, it's elegant, it's energetic, it's beautiful, it's just plain awesome.

Eventually I'll find the words to properly describe the experience of listening to Identity Sequence, but until then, the album is even more than I expected, and more than I could have hoped for.

Utterly phenomenal music, not as always, but even above and beyond your usual exemplary work.

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Not a huge fan of alot of psy trance songs (because they start to sound like watered down 90s dance music which I am a fan of), but I did like the song Identity sequence, kinda seems like avicii, and rob swire and a but of tiesto. I think I will give this track a electro house or a dubstep remix after my finals (well im making a remix album so I might as well give it a try).

And I did like Neurobazaar sounded like juno reactor and noisia a little bit.

but my favorite so far is the intro to fabrications, sounds like starfox assult and final fantasy but in a more half time feel. but when the second drop comes in, not a big fan of that part, but it sounds good.

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Many times, artists take an extended hiatus, or, for whatever reason, there is a large gap in time between album releases. With a 5 year break, there can be a lot of expectation going into the latest effort. Did the artist change, grow, evolve? Is it more of the same, or is it a new direction? And so on.

Let me just say that this album completely shatters any preconceived expectations and was completely worth the wait. It simultaneously sounds like the logical extension of Antigravity, and yet something entirely new on its own. It's been five years since the last full-length? Start this album up and you'll soon forget. But wait, five years? It quickly becomes clear: Identity Sequence is a major step forward in composition, production, and just overall quality. It is amazing electronic music. It is a welcome addition to the zircon library, which will be in heavy rotation for a long time to come.

After just a few days of listening at home, in the car, and with earphones, this is already a strong contender for my "Best Electronic Album of 2012" (and I listen to a lot of electronic music.)

And it really can't be said enough how truly amazing the liner art is. A great complement to the album and the theme. It's so much fun when the final product of a music album - the music, the presentation, everything - is a cohesive whole, especially in the digital age when singles are more the norm and the concept of "album" increasingly takes a back seat to the idea of "get your music out fast and yesterday." Thank you Andrew for keeping this music lover's idea of what a new album release "should be" as a continuing reality.

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i'd grab it but unfortunately i lack $9 in a form the internet will accept

and i'd throw money at the screen but nothing will happen except i might break my screen

that said, loved it <3

you want someone to post the chatlog since you were giving your thoughts on each track, zirc?

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I didn't quite have enough for a physical copy - I just went with the digital route, and I got the link right through kickstarter, downloaded the album, extracted the mp3s into my library without really looking at the art. I plugged in the music and just dove right in.

Really happy I did it this way. I'm shocked at how close the visual imagery my mind drew up matched the concept art and wallpaper designs. It's a really cool feeling, like I just had a conversation with Andy and he told me about this awesome world he dreamed up. Would make a killer video game world, i'd think! For me, the album represents something to strive for. I'll be pouring over these tracks for quite awhile, trying to figure out all the little details. It's an impressive album - excellent work and kudos to everyone involved.

And in my opinion, the best track on the album is Identity Sequence, bar none.

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I bought this the other day and thoroughly enjoy it, well worth the money! I have to say this is probably one of the most enjoyable electronica albums I've listened too. You've always been great, but this album is really a step up in both arrangement and production, great job man! I like the increased focus on vocal tracks too. Jillian is great, as always, and Chris did a good job too.

I haven't looked through the album notes yet, but I want to take a deeper look at them and the lyrics to better understand the story concept you were going for. I really dig it though, great job to all involved!

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