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*NO* Astérix (GB) 'Welcome to Switzerland' *RESUB*

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Original Decision

Remixer name: Bluelighter

Real Name: Guillaume SAUMANDE

ID forum: 30998

Game & Songs: Astérix (Game Boy) – Helvetia & Title Screen & Secret Level

Composer: Alberto Jose Gonzalez


Title Screen:

Secret Level:



With these themes, I wanted to get something sunny, exotic and funny :)

One year after the first version, I make a new attempt on this mix.

My first post was based only on Helvetia’s theme. I’ve had on it major critics on the arrangement, too close to the original. In this version, I’ve completely rethought the first arrangement, by including two other sources: Title Screen (that well marry with Helvetia's Theme IMO) and a little of the Secret Level.

In this version, I’ve worked to get a better orchestration, but keeping the first spirit: rhythm of circus music; exotic consonances with marimba and pizz; and still an accent on clavichords.

I've after applied a small correction (trumpets at 1'27); new version posted the 13rd of october. I believed it was possible to bring some minor retouches in some cases. They were in staccato in the first version and didn’t stand out enough IMO. Now, I find the result better.

All sounds are made by Finale, except drums and marimba done by FL.

So, for the next time, I understand I’ve better to contact directly a judge than posting a new time to OCR. Sorry for the inconvenience. Tell me if this update can be considered.

Hope you like this arrangement :D


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From the get-go, this sounds really washed-out and though the writing is complex, it's very hard to hear. A lot of the sounds like the drums are too plodding and dull to carry the song. I like a lot of the ideas in this, and the multiple sources are merged reasonably well, but unfortunately the production needs to be a lot better. I'd suggest posting in the Workshop forums to get some more direct advice on how to improve that part of your skills.

NO (resubmit)

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Yeah, I think Vin hit it on the head here. It's hard to hear distinctly what's going on and I think a big part of that is lack of balance between parts. Everything sounds roughly the same volume and seems to meld all together.

Drum doesn't really feel like it sits right in the mix, spacing wise. See if you can find some examples of songs with both orchestral and a drum kit to see how the artists get them to blend better (I do have a gi joe mix here that has both, but I don't think it's necessarily the ideal example).

On the positive side, writing sounds really interesting and intelligently executed.

All in all, I think you've done well on the arrangement side from your last submission, but the production is still having some of the same issues as before. Keep at it, you'll get there :)

No, resubmit please

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This is a pretty lively arrangement that's very reminiscent of Guifrog's work. I love what you've got going on here. However, the samples still sound very much like general MIDI-quality soundfonts and the mixing isn't helping. You need to work on balancing the levels of your various instruments/tracks so that all of your instruments aren't competing for space.

Gui has been able to pull off similar-style arrangements with similar-quality samples, but to get to that level you need to give your mix some more breathing room in the production area.

You're doing great so far but this needs some production help before it'll be passable.

NO (resubmit please!)

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