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OCR02761 - *YES* Street Fighter 2 & Street Fighter Alpha 3 'Punched by a Rose'


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Hoo, boy! It's certainly been awhile. I'm on a mission. A mission to wipe the smug grin off of 2002 Main Finger's face. For the last ten years, he's sat on his throne, taunting his future self. I've had my share of rejections as I've attempted to take him down, but the last few remix competitions have a put a fire in my eyes and I think I'm finally ready to deliver the blow!

But seriously, I really gotta get a song that's less than 10 years old on here >_>;

I made Punched by a Rose for the World Warrior Remix Royale. All the kids like the dubsteps these days and well, I've been bitten by the bug, too. But I present a more melodic dubstep than some, and one contained in a mix that, like a shark, can't stay in one spot or it will die! (or something).

Balrog was my pick and I've combined his theme with that of my enemy, Rose. It was a challenge working with Rose's theme, but I think I pulled it off. In fact, the result was a win and an advance to the next round (huzah!).

Anyway, here's all the deets (and link)


Main Finger

Jesse Gregory


Forum ID #337





Games: Street Fighter II & Street Fighter Alpha 3

Punched by a Rose

Balrog's Theme & Scala (Theme of Rose)

Encoded in VBR1

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Pretty cool approach here. The arrangement overall is pretty nice with a lot of personalization, and good use of both of the themes. Love the energy throughout, and the drumwork is very good.

I feel like, however, that there's something missing on the production end. I love how you arranged this in dubstep, but I feel like there's not a lot of bite in it, and it's missing some important aspects of the genre as a result. I'm not sure if it's a lack of enough bass frequencies or something similar, but the low end feels somewhat absent overall. Maybe another judge can clarify a bit and offer some advice on how to fix it.

I'd love to pass this, and I think even as is it's on the right track, but I think you can get more out of it if you tweak the production. Good luck on the rest of the vote, I may change mine around depending on what others say.

NO (resubmit)

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Once we get through the intro, the piece really comes together. Once you hit the groovier syncopated lines and get out of the dubsteppy retriggered percussion stuff, this really takes off; I like your effects starting around 1:40 and that fake-guitar is a great touch.

Arrangement is sufficiently groovy and keeps things fresh.

I like it!


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I thought the first minute or so wasn't as polished as it should have been and started the track off a bit weak, probably because the lead synth sounded pretty bland and generic.

That said, I thought this came together suitably well overall. I thought the way "Scala" was used was more cerebral and not immediately obvious, but when I heard how it was in play, it was alright. Really, Balrog's theme clearly dominates the arrangements.

The dub-wub elements were interesting without being obnoxious (not that I mind obnoxious in the context of dubstep), and the track finished fairly strong. Solid work here, homes. Nothing Deia said here was wrong, but I thought what was in place clicked well enough. Let's go.

YES (borderline)

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Really good stuff here from Main Finger (which finger IS the main finger? do I want to know?). Lots of energy here and you've managed what IMO is the hardest part about producting dubstep: getting a good set of gritty synths and putting them together in a way where they compliment and play off each other in an interesting way.

Lead felt a bit hot in the high freqs - as a matter of fact the track is leaning towards the higher end in general, as deia alluded to. A nice sub bass would really fill out the low end and complete the picture.

I remember your stuff from some OCR competitions and liking what I heard. This has a bit of room for improvement, but it doesn't disappoint.


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Definitely agree that the high end is overhyped and the first minute was decent but not blowing me away. The genre conversion was good though, and the arrangement is solid. One thing the sticks out to me specifically is how weak the piano sounds compared to everything else. It definitely sufices, but feels like it sticks out a lot more. The glitchy stuff to close it out was cool, it was mostly the section at 2:32 where it felt like it was trying center stage, but was being crushed by that kick.

Overall I think it's a good track and i'm inclined to learn toward a Yes

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