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Favorites Threads (and why we don't like 'em)


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Generally speaking, OverClocked ReMix does not allow threads on the forums about favorites. This primarily refers to favorite remixes or favorite remixers, but it extends out to basically any topic (e.g. favorite video games, favorite movies, favorite composers, etc.).

We discourage these threads for a couple of reasons. In the case of remixes and remixers, OCR doesn't believe in qualitatively ranking our music or artists, and we'd rather people explore the music on the site and discover things that way.

The more important reason (which applies to all topics) is that the forums are for discussion, and favorites threads don't really promote discussion; they almost always devolve into the posting of lists, with very little discussion taking place.

However, the idea that any discussion about favorites is somehow outlawed here is a misconception. It's perfectly fine to list your favorite remixers and remixes in your signature or forum profile, or in the context of an existing discussion where it's relevant. We're not concerned with "hurt feelings" on the parts of remixers, which is a reason I've seen thrown around when people talk about favorites threads.

I have my own personal favorites here on OCR (ziwtra's remixes, if anyone's wondering), and that's fine. We encourage people to be fans, and to express that fandom in review threads. Moving forward, we're going to try and implement more ways for you to express your love for stuff (blogs are on the way, and we're thinking about ideas like playlists and comments on artist pages), so stay tuned. :)

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