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[Recruit/Collab] Voices of OCR!

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I love working with singers, it's been many a long year since I've been able to. unfortunately I can't write lyrics. Also, I would be interested in using your skills for a full track, not an a cappella.

If the others were interested as well, I don't see why not. However, I do want to have at least one a capella song done before we sing with a track - just to see how well we blend together.

if you're really getting started and if you're aiming for a complete album, I'd love to supply the album art.

That would be awesome! Thanks for the offer :) I'll PM you if we ever do something like that.

Depending on our plans with this, I think it'd be cool to put together albums (or something of the sort) with themes. A character themed one, a background music one, a boss theme one. Just spitballing ideas.

Nice ideas! Once we figure out how arranging will go, we can think about albums :) One small step at a time!

To Lucas and radiantdreamer:

I would love to add you guys, but as it stands right now, having a larger tenor/baritone to alto/soprano ratio would make the group a wee bit unbalanced. I've been thinking about trying to at least one person to each part for a fuller sound as Xarnax suggested, but I haven't been able to find any altos or sopranos on the forums. If you know any that would be interested, but please let me know :)

In the a week or two, I'm going to look at all the suggestions that others have made and pick one so that we can start singing!

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Couldn't hurt. We'd rather have too many people than not enough, I'm sure.

Very true, but my current dilemma is that too many tenors/baritones will overshadow the alto and soprano parts. If more females on the forum saw this thread and were down to collab, then adding more people wouldn't be a problem. As posted before, there are only one alto and one soprano. The group has at least one person filled for each part, but the problem is that by adding more people as it stands, we'll lose balance.

SwordBreaker: If I can find more women to join up with us, I'll PM you (and Lucas and radiantdreamer as well) if you'd still be willing to sing with us. :)

I came with an idea yesterday that will help us get started. Think of it has a test run of sorts. I can send you guys a midi of this song.

Very short and sweet. Instead of lagging around like this, we can see how well we mesh together. I'll try to make sheet music for it and send it all to you so you can read it. I'll be PMing you guys as soon as I get everything set up.

Also one last thing. (Excuse me if I'm a complete idiot.) Is there a way I can edit the title of a thread? I think being able to do that will be handy in the near future.

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Hey everybody, just wanted to share some of my thoughts with you all. I pm'd Final Kingdom about these ideas and she's cool with it, so let's hear what the rest of you have to say about it! :)

Firstly, I think it'd be much better to represent ourselves more along the lines of 'Voices of OCR' instead of just an a Capella group; obvious reasons being that, yes, we can keep a particular flair for the a Capella stuff, but then lend our vocal assets to any arrangements (regardless if it also has other instruments or not) that specifically need vocals.

ie., if Brandon Strader's looking for an ominous choir thing for an intro to a metal song or something, we could do that. Or if Tuberz is looking for indie vocal chants, 'ooohs' and 'lala's' throughout a more contemporary song we could do that, too.

All in all, let's keep the a Capella stuff, but not restrict ourselves since there's always plenty of room for little tidbits of vocal stuff in plenty of arrangements, at least in my opinion. XD

Next, probably goes without saying, but we certainly should tackle this with a revolving door approach. For one thing, there's plenty of excellent vocalists around here (a lot of them are in hiding, or haven't had much opportunities to contribute vocals on this kind of level),and for those instances when life happens it'd be great to know that we've got more than 1 tenor/soprano/etc. in case things come out and some of us have to disappear for a while (*cough cough* *ahem* heads up...)

Plus, for those of you who got FinalK's email with the prayer demo? yyyyeeeeahhhh.... that low Eb just isn't going to work for me. I try my best with a lot of things, but there's no possible way for me to be the 'bass' or only low 'baritone/tenor' vocalist. :tomatoface:

so what do you ladies and gents say? sounds like a plan?

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1. Just pm'd ya the new takes, Final K! Still can't get that low Eb (I did what you suggested, but I still tried to experiment with at least sliding down to it). XD

2. All of you vocal folks who are still hiding or just waltzing over this thread... GET YO BUTT IN HERE and start singing already!

3. Lastly, I'd like to temporarily hijack this thread and direct everyone's attention to what I believe to be an interesting project. I'm going to assist Mangaman and Orangedragan with directing a large-scale Majora' Mask musical tribute project, and since it IS in the format of a musical that means we DO need plenty of vocalists (all singing/vocal styles are welcome and encouraged). The project vision has recently been revamped, but if you're looking for something interesting to lend your vocals to, please stop by and help us out. :)

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