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EWQL Pianos a steal at $250?

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I've heard great things about this sample library, and after listening to some demo tracks, I think it sounds like a winner.

Sooo, I have 2 questions:

I've read that EWQL runs a lot of sales. They're running a 50% off sale right now. Is that about as good as it gets for EWQL, or could I wait a while to get even more than 50% $$$ off the normal price of $500?

And would YOU recommend this library? What about other piano sample libraries?

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I've picked up a few things from East West and I haven't seen a deal from them that is any better than 50% outside of their composer's collection.

Symphonic Orchestra comes with a really good Steinway sample so if you don't already have a decent string library i'd go for that. I have so many different piano patches and samples just from what I've bought over the years that i've never been hurting for a dedicated piano library. Unless there was something specific you really wanted that the library can do well I don't think it's really that necessary to spend the money when there are some really great things from East West you could get for the same price. Like RA :) Stay the hell away from ministry of rock I &II too. just sayin'.

You could pick up Dimension Pro for about 100 bucks and go nuts with all the piano presets on there then go nuts again making your own. It's not as realistic as a piano library like EW's but you can do a heck of alot more with it especially if you are working with the electronic styles. I wouldn't do that if I was programming my own accompaniment for a concerto, but that's about the only thing i wouldn't use it for.

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QL Pianos does have repetition samples, which I don't think any other piano sample library has currently--I don't know what that feels like, action wise, to play, but I think the idea is really cool.

Keep in mind that QL Pianos is a large library, a beastly library. The full version is something like 60GB for each one of its 4 or 5 piano libraries, weighing in at like 300GB or something.

It's huge. I think that's like 20GB per Piano per Microphone.

If I were looking to buy Pianos, I would get the GOLD version, because I'm not sure if my computer could handle the full version.

I use the following Piano libraries and recommend those as well, though you can tell I prefer Steinways:

Galaxy Vintage D

CineSamples Piano in Blue

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TruePianos is really good too.


I honestly love that although it's entirely physical-modeling-synthesized, it sounds so realistic, and it comes with 4 sets of around 8 different tones. I've been able to use it for plenty of electronic, hardcore, and classical genres so far.

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