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need some gear recommendations (bass guitar)

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so i've posted about this before, but i didn't hear much. there's gotta be a few bassists here willing to share some knowledge.

i play bass occasionally around where i live, and i'd like to transition away from being a plug-and-chug bassist with just my bass and a cord to getting some equipment and developing my sound more. however, i know jack diddly about pedals, amps, and that kind of stuff.

specifically, i'd like to know what 'must-have' pedals are on your board, and why they're there. alternatively, if you know of a good all-in-one unit that does everything with presets and that kind of thing, that appeals to me as well. i don't have a ton of money on hand right now, but i could easily save towards something if it was worth the cash.

for reference, my bass is a POS 6-string, and i generally play in churches or my house. nothing huge and crazy. i usually have to plug into the house system, so a set of pedals or an all-in-one are preferable to an amp kit.

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I've been playing a Carvin bass for over 20 years. It's never failed me and it always sounds good. Carvin gives you a ton of options to chose from when they build you a bass. The only problem is that you can't really test it out before you buy it unless you go to one of their show rooms in California. Needless to say, I would highly recommend them.

The most I ever really used pedal was a bit of chorus but I haven't used anything in years. I either go direct into my audio interface or into my GK amp. I've played a number of different styles doing this and haven't really felt that I needed a pedal of any sort. My personal bass style is a product of jazz, though. I'm not a very flashy player.

Now, I may be in the market for a pedal soon for my little Kala U-bass. It could really use a preamp/EQ/compressor type pedal and Fishman makes a pretty good one. The U-bass is kind of an odd beast and I think it needs a wee bit of taming.

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thanks for the notes, guys. lostream, anything in particular that you'd recommend about the ax300b?

It's an all around great multi board. The amp and cabinet modelling is good, the distortion is decent, the chorus is great. All the usual suspects are there. What I really love about it are the synth effects (even a nice ring mod) and the pitch shift (drop an octave, etc). It has a step sequencer for controlling effects as well.

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i wound up buying a line 6 bass pod live xt, for like 150$ with a gig bag. pretty nice little tool. already got a nice distorted lead sound that i used last sunday when i played in a breakdown - our songleader was like "wait, who has the lead guitar?" it's got a nice set of effects, too, the compressor is surprisingly decent for being totally digital.

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