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Zelda's Lullaby Piano cover

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Will be adding another minute or so to the final version. Just need some critique as it stands so far please. I have a lot of trouble humanizing my mixes without the use of a midi keyboard but I'm hoping I have nailed it.

Any tips would be great! Also wondering there is too much reverberation?

Done in reason 5 alone, point and click! :puppyeyes:

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qPtuOfQbyI

Think it might need something else added to it in terms of instruments? Or keep it as a piano solo?

Thanks guys!!!

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Programming of sustain pedals is a bit strange. Sometimes you cut it too early (0:08) and some other times you don't cut it (0:36), creating a bit of dissonance.

There's probably too much reverb, but the fake-ness of the sample bothers me more than that. Piano playing is nice but sometimes the velocities are weird, like some notes are randomly lower than the rest.

Arrangement is nice, pretty close to the source but sounds good. I'm not sure why you didn't change the chord at 0:42 though, it sounds odd.

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I agree with jnWake on the sustain pedal issues, sometimes the notes of the chords are too short.

0:42 sounds fine to me (Did you mean the Ab7 at 0:44 jn?) but 1:01 sounds wrong.

Other than that it sounds nice.

From my perspective you don't necessarily have to add other instruments, I think there’s nothing wrong with a solo-piano rendition.

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