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Let's sing Selphie's Train song! (Recruiting a male or female jazzy vocalist.)

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“Train Train Take Us Away. Take Us Away Far Away. To the Future We Will Go. Where It Leads No One Knows.”

Those are the lyrics that Selphie sings on one of the trains in FF8. Lusipurr of Lusipurr.com has commissioned me to write that song in a relaxed jazzy way. I have written the basic chord progression and the melody. The final version will be polished and have percussion and all that stuff but for now I just want to let you hear the chords and melody to which to sing the above lyrics.


Yes, you can take liberties with the melody as long as it is chill-sounding.

Yes, there is a time limit. We finish by the 31st.

Lusipurr.com gets several hundred unique hits per day so it's potentially a pretty large number of people that could hear this song. What do you say?! Let's make the FF8 train song!

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That sounds great. I can't wait to hear it. Just do a quick little audition kind of a recording for now because that is only just a piece of what the entire song will be. It will probably have the vocal part come in twice total and there will be some guitar and wind solos breaking them up. That's what I'm thinking.

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Here you are. This is a rough draft of the entire thing. I'm going to add some string parts, a bass line, have another solo from a different instrument, and vary the drums some more, but this is the exact structure and length, so you can record your A performance now, if you want.

With melody on guitar:


Without melody:


Do you know of anyone who could play some relaxing piano or an acoustic bass? I can play an electric bass, which is what I'll do if I can't find anyone who actually plays jazz.

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Thanks, Damashii. Yes, this is for Lusipurr. It will be up next week and will probably also be talked about on the podcast.

Sorry, OrangeDragan, I kept checking my private messages instead of coming here. You can PM it to me or email it to me at the+legendary+zoltan+@+gmailDOTcom. (Remove the plus signs and change DOT to a period.)

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