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Super Pedantic OCR Style Guide


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When mentioning the site in written interviews and other things, remember that we have official ways of referring to the site:

  • OverClocked ReMix - Full name of the site. Capital O, C, R, and M
  • OC ReMix - Abbreviates OverClocked. There's a space between OC and ReMix.
  • ocremix - All lowercase, no space. Generally used for official account usernames, URLs, and anywhere else where capital letters and spaces aren't available.
  • OCR - Three letter acronym for the site.

Common mistakes/what not to do:

  • Overclocked Remix - Needs capital C and M.
  • OverClocked ReMiX - Never capitalize the X.
  • OCReMix - When capitalizing, always put a space between OC and ReMix
  • OCRemix - Needs a space between OC and R, and the M should be capitalized.
  • OCRM - The M is not part of the abbreviation
  • OverClocked - Don't leave out ReMix.
  • overclocked_remix or oc_remix - if you can't use spaces, don't use underscores and don't capitalize anything, just use "ocremix"
  • O-Clocked - just...no.

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Oh shit, I've literally always spelled it OCRemix. I am ashamed, but I probably will continue to do so since while it's not in the 'DO' section, it's not in the 'DON'T' section, either.


(except for official things, where I guess I can do it riiiight)

You're on the staff, you of all people should be writing it correctly. :350:

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Since I'm working on (and have worked previously) on album art for the projects here, is there any specific protocol for referencing and linking to OCR from my portfolio/blog? 

I'm not asking about the terminology right now. That's covered very well (cheers!) but more the question of:

1- Am I allowed to?
2- If so,  is it only OCRA projects, or can all projects be included?
3- Do you have a preferred spiel/paragraph I can copypaste?
4- Would you object to or prefer any part of the site being linked?
5- Would you prefer OCR to be referenced in specific works related to it and/or a direct link in my (as yet not live) links page?

Disclaimer: my site contains nothing controversial or offensive, and the reason I'm submitting this comment is because I like to volunteer credit to the people I have worked for.


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