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If you lived in a game, but...

Brandon Strader

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Not sure if cheating but I would say Gmod, Minecraft, or LittleBigPlanet.

Gmod and LBP both, just because there's an endless stream of user content so it would never get old. Plus Gmod is extremely fun.

Not really a huge minecraft player but the worlds are so huge that I doubt I would ever get bored.

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I would have to say Minecraft as well because you have so many choices of how you want to live your life. You can live in a village, you can harvest crops or go fishing. You can explore the overworld or dig deep underground, build anything that comes to mind. The possibilities are vast.

If not I would say Chrono Trigger just because when the time comes to start over I can choose New Game + :)

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Earthbound, sure, every few playthroughs I lose my shit and a little kid beats me to my senses with my baseball bat, but overall a pretty happy peaceful place.

Is it wrong to say Aincrad Online?

Morrowind would be alright, as would Oblivion and Skyrim, likely wouldn't reset often because of how much play time is available.

A solid choice would be FFXIV:ARR. Beautiful world, lots to do, doesn't reset, so far no major catastrophes destroying everything depending on where you are living.

By the same token, FFXI, for very similar reasons.

Mass Effect would be interesting and fun till the 3rd game, so I'd choose 1.

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Chrono Trigger, for sure.

Main character:

Pro: save the world,

marry a legit princess,

control elements with magic,

Time travel with a kick-ass team to awesome places(zeal, Prehistoric times, destroyed future, medieval times, etc).

Health is easily restored with rest, magic, or liquids.

New Game + (but it might get boring at some point)

Con: you have Sacrifice yourself and die by being literally obliterated and having to be revived.

Hungry often in the future,

lots of Pain from cuts and damage taken.


Pro: as long as I was in 1000 AD, that would be fine with me.

they have a decent civilization.

They have internal plumbing,stoves and clocks.

life seems simple.

since I'm not immortal, I wouldn't experience 1999 AD.

Con: justice system seems easily corrupt.

have to live under a king.

monsters with loose morals (like ozzie) would be dangerous.

I would probably live a simple life and die without much effect on the world.

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Animal Crossing for sure. Having my own peaceful town with a bunch of adorable animal critters? Sounds good to me.

Alternatively I could go with Super Mario Sunshine, yeah he gets into a lot of tough situations but Delfino Island is super nice.

This is exactly what I was thinking. How awesome would it be to just make it rich by selling fish you catch?

Also, I always think about how much I want to visit Isle Delfino whenever I play through Mario Sunshine. Also, it's not that hard of a game to beat, either (with very minor exception)

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Yeah, that's what I said. According to Relyance though, the island blows up in the end.

It would all be worth it though.

An island setting sure seems tempting, so I would go for either Pilotwings 64 or, if I had to chose a story-driven game, Monkey Island (hardly any chances to get seriously hurt, get to know a beautiful woman and always be jolly).

EDIT: and the most nightmarish life of a game character to relive over and over again would be the one of QWOP.

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