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It's Raining! EP (Electronic/Dramatic/Experimental/Piano)


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Hello there OCRers!

I don't know how valuable forum presence is to these fora, but seeing as I'm new, I have none, and I don't expect any of you to click on this. In the off-chance that you accidentally click on this due to a sneeze or what-not, here's an EP I released over summer - Feel free to download it for free, because even if you decide to buy it, I don't have a Paypal set up and your money would be sucked in by the void that is Bandcamp:


Also in case you're still here, I have some other things I've done. I aspire to be a composer/engineer/bodybuilder and I'm slowly working my way up the food chain, and here's some of the things I've dished out.



The unfiltered link is up first, I think the stuff there is generally more interesting, but YOU DECIDE! And thanks for listening!

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