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601 A.D. Chrono Trigger


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there's not much I can say here. The clock sound-effect, i was thinking of tweaking but not sure. The timing alteration are absolutely necessary, I need to preserve the feel of CT, not just the sound. Any tricks of the trade are welcome, though I'd rather just learn the trade :) . My DAW is Reason 7, so if that helps. I thank you for your time and advice.


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You should work on your mixing. The mix gets very muddy in some parts, and some of the drums are very poorly heard. If you're going for this style, you're going to want your drums to be as pristine as possible; look up guides on mixing drums. That snare gets particularly irksome.

Also, most of the instruments are panned to the center, which makes the mix seem even muddier than it already is. Try to space them out.

Try to incorporate some original melody on top of the source, right now this is very cover-ish.

I like what you did with the clock ticking in the beginning when it starts to get syncopated, though!

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I actually don't like the clock in the beginning. It gets overbearing very quickly.

I'm a huge fan of Chrono Trigger though, so I'm glad you're doing this song. I'm not an expert on this style of music that you're going for in your remix, but it seems like it needs SOMETHING to fill it out more. Some more parts going on to flesh out the melody.

I second the comment below that you should add some original parts or some variations of the melody. I look forward to seeing how this one develops! :-D

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There are some really cool concepts here. I'll start with the bad and move on to the good.

The bass drum definitely needs to stick out more. Some EQ specific compression will make them pop out of the mix. Maybe sidechain the bass drum to one of the arp synths? I'm not too familiar with Reason, so I can't give very specific advice. Tweaking the bass drum a bit so it stands out will vastly improve the mix IMO. This has already been mentioned, but panning some of the synths (and even the hi-hats) will also improve the mix. Also work on changing up the melody a bit more. It's pretty close to the source material as is, and simply adding a breakdown or solo (along with a couple new synths) would work wonders.

That being said I really really like the intro. It may be a tad long, but I still like the concept quite a bit. I also like the portamento on the lead synth. The "winding down" parts at 2:17 and 3:10 are also pretty cool. The overall dynamic of the mix would be improved if those softer sections were extended a bit.

Take my advice with a grain of salt, because everyone has a different way of doing things. I do, however, think this would have a decent shot of being accepted onto the site if you tended to the issues I mentioned. All in all it's a decent remix, but you have a fair amount of work ahead of you if you want it to be accepted by the judges.

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