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"Just Fun" Kickstarter now live! [ft. Stemage, BGC, zircon, Danny B, virt, Jillian Aversa & more]

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Zircon? Big Giant Circles? Danny Baranowsky? Jillian Aversa? Virt? And my humble self Alexander Brandon? On one album?

Yes. And it now has a Kickstarter page:


OCR has a growing influence on game music and these talented folks are among the many that have collaborated with me on this album.

Head over to check it out, and if you'd be so kind pledge and / or share.

Thanks so much!!


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! You did the N64 soundtracks for the Vigilante 8 series?! O_O I would turn on those games on just to sit and listen to the music. Sky Hammer Mortars, Ghost Town, Desert Drive, Go Team Fast, Rollerqueen... I still listen to 'em to this day. Awesome :)

(I also played Tyrian when it was released and loved the music. We're not old! >_>)

OK, backing right away, yeh :D Also sent it around. Hopefully you'll reach the 20k, eh. ^_^

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