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Celestia: Heavenly Sound Design for Kontakt (w/ sounds by bLiNd!)


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I've just wrapped up the latest ISW virtual instrument, Celestia, available now for Kontakt 5.3. I've got all the product info below for your enjoyment and perusal, but worth noting is that besides my own sound design (and several other talented producers), our very own bLiNd contributed a huge amount of both sound sources and patches to the library. If ambient, electronic, New Age, atmospheric, textural, and emotional music is your thing, read on....

Get Celestia Now! http://impactsoundworks.com/products/electronic/celestia-heavenly-sound-design/

Our newest Kontakt instrument is here! CELESTIA: Heavenly Sound Design is a collection of incredible custom-produced sound sources, ranging from acoustic to vocal to synthesized, wrapped in a gorgeous and inspiring UI with a powerful synth engine. As the name suggests, the library focuses on beautiful sounds: atmospheric textures, heavenly strings, galactic pads, angelic plucks, ephemeral ambiances, etc. The engine is our most advanced yet, providing incredible customization. Create totally new sounds in just a couple clicks with multiple internal preset menus and a randomizer function, or sculpt tones from scratch using a vast selection of controls and FX.

If you enjoyed our Juggernaut instrument, Celestia is an excellent compliment. Where Juggernaut is all about cutting-edge, modern and dark cinematic sounds, Celestia represents the lighter and more ethereal end of the spectrum (though it's quite capable of modern sounds as well!)

Check out the UI below!



As with our entire catalog, we think film, game, and TV composers will find CELESTIA exceptionally useful and inspiring. Whether you are working on subtle underscore, sweeping themes, sci-fi, uplifting commercials, electronica, or anything in between, this is an incredibly versatile library with immense tweakability. That being said, we also think it will be very useful for producers and musicians in many genres: chillout / downtempo, EDM, ambient/New Age, space music, jazz fusion, etc. Though price is not announced yet, what we can say is that it will be highly accessible!


* 550 handcrafted presets in categories like Leads, Basses, Textures, Motion Pads, Sequences, Acoustic, Hybrid, etc

* 8 categories of sound sources: Warm, Motion, Acoustic, Vocal, Plucks, Bells, Noise, Texture

* Found & crafted acoustic/organic instruments

* 'Best of' soundsources from other ISW libraries (koto, harps, mallets)

* Gorgeous piano, acoustic guitar, plucked piano, string section

* Pure ambiences (including field recordings)

* Complex noises and layering elements

* Analog & digital synths - pads, sweeps, stabs

* Mangled & designed sounds and elements

* 5.7gb of sound content (NCW compressed!)


* Stunning and inspiring user interface

* Dual layer architecture: load two soundsources and tweak independently

* Per-layer multimode filter, amp/pitch envelopes, filter LFO, sample start, tuning

* Intelligent RAM management: dynamically loads only sounds in use

* Comprehensive FX suite with full controls and 1-click access

* Custom impulse IRs that can completely change a sound

* Rhythmic sequencer / arpeggiator /gate

* Four-part preset system: LAYER, FX, RHYTHM, and PERFORM presets

* Preset randomizer to create endless variations!





CELESTIA is available now for Kontakt 5.3 (full version) at an introductory price of $119, or $99 for Juggernaut owners!


Let us know what you think!

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hm i like the circular tab design creatively, but i'm not entirely positive i'd like it functionally :)

it's nice that you took up the task of making these broadly themed types of cinematic libraries and making them affordable.

not for me, but good luck with this!

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I think Konstantinos player is technically free so you don't have to pay for it to use this library. I'm pretty sure it is at least..

Edit: typing on phone and it autocorrected kontakt. But I'm going to keep it as is.

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I think Konstantinos player is technically free so you don't have to pay for it to use this library. I'm pretty sure it is at least..

Edit: typing on phone and it autocorrected kontakt. But I'm going to keep it as is.

Well, not quite...


* KONTAKT 5.3 (full version - NOT player) required

Also Konstantinos is best sample plugin.

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