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Kingdom Hearts- Dearly Beloved


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No source link, no source comment. Unless I remember the source. Which I do.

Starting off, it doesn't sound great. Loud obnoxious synth, overly reverb-y piano. Gets better once the other elements kick in, but the obnoxious synth is still too loud. The production overall seems to try to be super-serious and hard and dramatic, but it comes off a bit comical with the lack of smooth parts, smooth sounds for contrast.

I'm not feeling the arrangement. The source is handled quite verbatim, with the melody repeated over and over with different background elements on or off. The arrangement isn't going anywhere.

Those background elements are cool, dramatic, and could definitely fit a remix of this source, but the source would have to be better built into the arrangement, and the arrangement would have to be structured differently.

The chord structure, which I don't remember from the source, is pretty cool. Nice mood. I would focus on building that mood instead of alternating between drama and sparse little breakdowns.

Overall, I find it aimless and not particularly well arranged. That could change. You've got some good sounds here, they just need to be handled better. As are your arrangement elements, they just need to be handled better.

Find some direction and build towards it. This would make a badass KH remix.

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