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ReMixing With the Stars: Season 2 Finale: Rising Stars


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Season 2 Finale: Rising Stars



  1. First Place: Da Legend Of Da Regg Aelm Ya by Jorito, with 3 votes.
  2. Second Place: I'm The Soul Blazer by HoboKa & BrothaDom, with 1 vote.

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  • Esperado with Jorito:
in Reggae/Funk
HoboKa with BrothaDom:
in Rap/Hip-Hop

About ReMixing With the Stars

ReMixing With the Stars is intended to give beginning remixers some support, encouragement, and mentoring in their quest to become great, and as a sidenote, to become posted remixers. Beginners are mentored by experienced remixers to push their abilities to new heights and submit collaborative works according to the theme of the month.

Who's a "Star" and who's a "Novice?"

Any posted or accepted-to-be-posted remixer, as the only artist or as the lead arranger on a piece, is automatically considered a "Star." This isn't meant to be a statement on who's a "good" or "expert" artist, but it's a somewhat meaningful threshold which doesn't require any subjective judgment on my part (however subjective the OCR judging process may be).


  • Enrollment: This special episode is for Novices only. I especially encourage anyone who participated earlier in the season to enroll, but it's open to anyone who is not a posted or accepted-to-be-posted remixer. No, the Judganator doesn't count. When enrolling, please post a source (any track from any game) and a musical genre, style, instrumentation, or other general musical descriptor.
  • Mixes: No one other than the participating Novices may help in any way.
  • Submissions: All entries must be sent to me by the 10PM PDT deadline via PM on the forums, with a link to a reliable host for me to download your mix from. Please don't use Tindeck, as it doesn't give you control over what the filename will be when downloaded. I also recommend you post in this thread that you've submitted your mix, since I know there have been issues in other compos with PM's not being received. Please submit your file as an mp3, preferably encoded at a high-quality VBR or 320kbps.
    Proper file names and formats mean I can do my job of getting the compilation done and posted faster, which means you get to hear the great music produced by this sooner. Seriously, it's not that hard, please double-check.


All deadlines are 10 PM Pacific time (PDT).

  • Signups until Wednesday, April 9, 10:00pm PDT. You must post links to at least two samples of your previous work! They don't have to be good, they don't even have to be game remixes, you just have to prove you're not brand-spanking-new to this music production thing. Things you've posted to the WIP forum are preferable but not required.
  • Announcement of the special format on April 9.
  • ReMixing from April 9 to Wednesday, April 23, 10:00pm PDT (2 weeks). Rules and guidelines above.
  • Voting from whenever I get the compilation posted (should be no more than a few hours after the deadline) until Wednesday, April 30, 10:00 PM PST. Votes should be based on use of source (i.e. interpreted but recognizable), arrangement, production, and, to a lesser extent, enjoyability. How appropriate the submission was for the theme shouldn't be considered (since this is easier for option A than option B). You'll pick your three favorites, in order. Your first-place vote will get 3 points, your second-place 2 points, and your third-place 1 point. Participants may not vote for their own mixes, but participants who vote will get a free first-place vote added to their score. Please send me a PM with your votes, like this:
    1. First-place ReMix
    2. Second-place ReMix
    3. Third-place ReMix

Thanks for your interest, and lets get this show on the road!

Previous Episodes

Season 1 Compilation

  • [thread=40611]Pilot Episode: "Beginnings"[/thread]
  • [thread=41556]Season 1, Episode 1: "Spooky!"[/thread]
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  • [thread=46454]Season 2, Episode 5: "Pacifism"[/thread]

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Please note the special signup rules this time.

You can choose a genre (e.g. classic rock, reggae, hiphop, contemporary classical), a style (e.g. Italo disco, a capella, salsa), or anything else that similarly describes a piece of music (e.g. Asian instrumentation, spoken word).

I discourage "chiptune" because of its prevalence here. General terms such as "electronica" or "orchestral" should be avoided as well, try to be more specific.

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What does it mean for this to be "for novices only", while having guidelines for a star signing up, if "no one other than the participating novices may help in any way [with mixing]"?

Picky, picky. So I forgot to remove a couple of references to Star participation from my template. I think I got them all now.

Yes, Novices only, same as last season's finale. Different format, though, obviously.

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I'm tempted to join, but not sure I can commit due to a hectic schedule these past and likely coming weeks. Still, I'll give some thoughts on what track and style I'd like to do, at the risk that I might have to drop out.

To prove that my n00bness isn't total, here's some example tracks from the WIP forum:

http://www.jorito.net/files/Vampire%20Killer/Vampire%20Killer%2020140224.mp3 ( see http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=46363)

http://www.jorito.net/files/Contra/Contra%20-%20Waterfall%2020140404.mp3 (see http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=46592)

Be warned of the very crappy mix for the last example, I did that on headphones and only just now tried on speakers. Oh, the mud!

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Absolutely! As long as you haven't had a mix accepted by the panel (as the primary mixer), you're welcome to sign up!

Note that I didn't actually say you'd be doing your chosen source in your chosen style, though....

HoboKa, still need a source and a style from you, when you can.

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Would it be too much to ask for an extension on signing up? I plan on joining, but I've been really distracted with school and will probably have no down time for the rest of this week. :-/

If not, then I guess I'll come up with a source and style by tomorrow :-)

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Since the season has been spent with the Novices collaborating with Stars, now is the time to turn it around. (Sort of--this would have worked better with more consistent enrollment, but oh well.)

The four participants have been paired with each other to collaborate for the season finale. Your mission: Remix either your partner's source in your style, or vice-versa. (The other source can make a cameo if you want, but no more than that.)

Collaboration should be as even as possible. Each participant should try to bring their strengths to the table, whatever they are. No letting one person do all the work!


  • Esperado with Jorito:
    • Legend of Legaia: Rim Elm in Reggae/Funk or
    • Transport Tycoon Deluxe: Main Theme in Trip Hop

[*]HoboKa with BrothaDom:

  • Advance Wars: Eagle's Theme in Ambient House or
  • Soulblazer: Underground Castle in Rap/Hip-Hop

Have fun youse guys.

Note; It was always my intention to drop out myself if we had an even number of participants otherwise. If someone needs to drop out, say so and I'll substitute myself. Otherwise I'm happy sitting out, especially since I'm doing the singing thing this week.

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