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I think I need to ask a few questions before proceeding with this.......


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I am a little too early in the process of composing to be sharing this right now, but I feel the need to make sure that I'm complaint with the rules here before I proceed any further.

This remix is primarily going to focus on Divine Bloodlines (

) and Bloody Tears (link).

A friend pointed out to me that my prelude (intro) sounds like the song Aerials from S.O.A.D. (

). That wasnt the intention even though I'll admit that it does sound pretty close.

And it 1:55 you can hear that I literally combined Bloody Tears and Divine Bloodlines. To avoid repletion, I decided to harmonize the lead from divine bloodlines and change a few chords. But other than that I feel like it may not be enough deviation from the original material. I also want to make sure that nobody else has though of doing that. I listened to some remixes and I haven't found anything yet. But they work so well together that I find it a little hard to believe that nobody has though to do it.

Im still in the composition phase, and so what you're hearing right now is just a midi file written with music notation software. I added some reverb and little things so it would sound listenable to an extent. My plan is to perform and record most of the tracks while others will be recording using FLS. I also plan to recruit a real bass player who can play the bass line.

Thank you in advance.

Encore of Blood Link to entire song (prelude included)

Encore of Blood link to the other part in question.

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