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New Web Series - Original music needed -


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Good morning, or good afternoon where ever you may be!

"New Game +" is a web series in the works, created by professional artists, animators, voice actors and screen writers. We are currently working hard to create a pilot episode that will then launch our kickstarter for a complete series.

New Game + will be a comedy series based in a world where all genres of games co exist, think "Drawn Together" meets "wreck it Ralph"

We are seeking a song writer to help us get the series launched. This will be purely pro bono up until the kickstarter is up and running, if we are successful and we are we are happy enough with your production you will have an opportunity to join our team, paid, to work on the complete series. We require songs that relate to the generic stereotypes of the gaming universe, IE epic battle themes, vintage chip tunes, dramatic themes, eerie locations background music, happy village themes and so on.

If you have any general questions please post them within this thread, but to apply, please send me a private message. Once the role is filled I will notify all applicants.

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I am interested, as I already worked on several webseries (as a director and composer -- I'm part of a video association).

For some examples of my music work on webseries/short films, please see my association's BandCamp account (especially the Wikinside album). For more recent examples of my original work, please see my SoundCloud tracks. And if you want to hear remixes by me, please see my

. :)
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