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A chiptune inspired song, made entirely on an Arturia Microbrute

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Time for my first original post! So, this song is the first part of a *hopefully* ongoing series of videos called Gear Spotlight, where I write a new song for each video using only one part of my electronic setup. For the first video, I wanted to challenge myself, so I picked the mono-synth with no preset functionality. It was super fun to work within the limitations of the Microbrute, and learn exactly how far this instrument can go. Check it out!


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This is great! I really like the vid as well. Good song-writing and its always cool to see someone playing this stuff themselves! Sounds a lot like something that would play in the dungeon of a Chrono Trigger or something :)

Hope to see more from you!

Thanks! I have always been a very tactile musician, and I actually have a really tough time making songs all inside of a program. I have nothing but respect for those who do this, because it seems so foreign to me. That's why hardware synths appealed so much to me. This song was actually inspired by my three year old son asking me and a close friend to play through all the mega man games, but Chrono Trigger dungeon is cool as well!

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