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Commodore 64 arp sound. (How would one recreate that sound?)


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I've been wondering how to recreate this effect and I wondering if and how anyone has done it successfully in a sequencer.

Listening closely, they sound like chords, but as fast as they are I can't tell if they're arpeggiated or just repeated really fast. And would they be using 16th note triplets or just 32nd notes?

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IIRC, it might be a pulse wave?

That's what I'm thinking.

Boy, that sound is really shrilly hahahaha. Just remember if you recreate that sound, try to keep it from being so shrilly. :-P You don't wanna annoy people. It's totally avoidable, though. EQ and turning the nobs on the synth correctly will keep that problem from happening.

Just don't let there be too much high, high-mid, and maybe mid frequency piercing through the track. That's where it mainly needs to be kept under control.

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So are you saying that it doesn't do chords? Just single notes and octaves?

It can do chords, but if you just play single notes, then generally it plays octaves to sound like that. When you play chords, if you arpeggiate/roll the notes very quickly, it's pretty similar.

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