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Pirates of the Caribbean Trance Remix

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Hi all

This is a small demo of a project ive been kicking around the office for almost a year now.

I took the song "He's a Pirate" from Pirates of the Caribbean, and changed its many themes from 3/4 to 4/4, and then proceeded to throw it into a trance format.

The original song was written by Klaus Badelt, with some direction by Hans Zimmer...

wow.. look what i just found out, Disney just hired Tiesto to remix this song aswell. well.. damn...




here it is, in its newer demo form:


and also, the older version from about a year ago:



EDIT: No that is not a NordLead, that is a creation of my own using Subtractor. What a question... it sounds nothing like a NordLead!


ok lets see... here are a couple of the rns files that served as my workshop

modified version of my pirates original pirates mix:


Random other file i was building part of the melody in:http://siamey.com/ocr/piracy.rns

Latest incarnation of my remix (Same as posted above):


if anyone is interested (zirc) in attempting the last part of the melody, which i haved 4/4'd yet, the source midi is somewhere in pirates.rns, towards the end. im gonna start on my 4/4ing of it sometime soon.

ANYWAYS feel free to mess with any of this stuff


Most of the free refills that are needed for those songs are available at


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I LOVE the percussion!!! The drawn-out intro is very appropriate and I love every second of it!

The main melody has been kicked around with a very interesting synth and I love the choice, or should I rather say 'creation.'

This song is absolutely incredible and I'm looking forward to more music from you. Thank you for the awesome mix!!! :D


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I just saw pirates 2, and I think even though this probably wouldn't go all that great in the actual movie that it still sounds really cool. I'm not really all that into trance / dance / house, but this is still neat to me.

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This is pretty badass! The bass drum is a little too harsh like i think some people already said, but everything else is fuckin pro! The main synth is tight as hell, but you might want to keep it from ducking out as much, a LITTLE less ducking is all that is needed. Otherwise, I like your version quite a bit more than Tiesto's. :D FINISH IT!

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yeah yours is way better than the one on the pirates 2 soundtrack - the one on the soundtrack kinda really sucked cause it had like 5 mins of just some beat going and like 30secs to a min of the sctually song to be recongized - i hate when people think thats a remix - expecially one that gets on the soundtrack.

yours would be much more suited for an actual pirates movie

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Thanks guys!

Yea.. theres like 4 parts to the song, and I've remade the first 3 into 4/4 and made them work alright in a trancey environment, but the last part in "he's a pirate" I havent attempted yet cause its really epic in the original song and i dont know if i could do it justice in a remix.

I'm gonna go back and listen to the original alot today and see what i can do with it.

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