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Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambience (futurebeats?)


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actually dude once the drums come in i'm diggin it. it's crying, no hollerin for some rap over it or some EDM-sounding vocal samples (singing please)

the start though sounds weak. i think if you have a delay on the rhythmic syncopated part, it will add a lot. it sounds like there is no firm time because everything is syncopated and you need something in that missing beat that signifies the time. once the drums and melody come in that's no longer a problem.

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I like the concept a lot here - I've wanted to remix Aquatic Ambiance in a trappy/futurebeats style myself and I think you're off to a fantastic start. Cool treatment of the source and lots of cool rhythmic modulations to keep it fresh.

The biggest problem is how unrelenting the bass is. It's dominating the soundfield a lot right now - if you adjust the volume slightly, EQ out some of the mids/highs but keep the low-end of the bass, I think it might strike a more natural balance.

I think Michael also brought up an interesting point about the delay, and I totally agree - some sort of salient riff to establish more of a rhythm would make this a lot more interesting and well-paced.

I'm gonna be honest too and say that the sound effects and chanting toward the end felt mostly superfluous and didn't really add much to the track for me. Others may feel differently but I just wasn't digging that part :-(

Really liking the breakdown at 1:17-1:40, that sounds pleasant to my ears.

Overall liking what you've got going here, but the trap bass definitely needs to be revisited to achieve a better balance with the track overall.

Will keep an eye on this thread!

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