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Metroid Theme [ReMix]


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Nice work! Incidentally I'm doing the same tune for Ignoring the Crash.

Nice feel with the drums and strings and winds when the main tune comes in at 1:53 or so. I think for the atmosphere your going for, I think everything works pretty nicely. The main suggestion I have is that it would so cool if you had a live drummer, I think that would do the main tune sections a bit more justice by adding some fills and things. And, some more electronic candy, but that's just me. The bass is kind of doing that already.


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Now... this one, I really dig the intro for.

This was pretty cool to listen to. Sounds like it could be a trailer track (at least the 1st minute) for a Metroid movie.

There's a bit of mud in your bass sounds and wubs between 1:00 and 2:00 so maybe a bit of EQ to give them space. But I like all of it, production-wise. The piano breakdown is pretty sweet. Love the low bass wub after that.

This is one of those ambient tracks that actually grabs your attention. Me gusta :-)

I'm working on Metroid (Metroid Prime) remix myself, but I'll post when I actually have something worth showing off.

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