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Deus Ex Theme [ReMix]


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LIstening on laptop speakers...

I really like the first half of the song. The serious, tense atmosphere really pulls you in. Movie trailer intro kind of ambience.

The middle portion needs work though, I think. Can't put my finger on it, but the atmosphere in that section, imo, detracts from the atmosphere in the rest of your track. The final minute and 20 seconds also sound good. It's just the middle part that needs work. It sounds too different from your beginning and end. Don't know if it's the samples or the melody. But that's all I'd modify.

Also heard your Alice track. That one sounds pretty tight. Very somber and eerie atmosphere there. I'd make the pizzicato and that metallic bell instrument (forget what it's called) have a bit more reverb to maintain the reverb atmosphere in the rest of your track. Good stuff though.

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