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OCR03301 - *YES* Sonic Adventure 'Red Barrage Aquarium'

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Seems pretty damn funky; arrangement needs vetting. Production not 100% consistent across instrumentation, BUT plenty of good stuff (EP, wah guitars, solo at ~2'30")... I dug it quite a bit.

- djp


Hi all, Peter Fernandes here, first-time submitter!  I did an arrangement of a couple of my favorite tracks from Sonic Adventure.  Here's the info; thanks!
Link to download 192kb/s mp3:
Link to video (in-studio performance):
Contact Information:

ReMixer Name: Peter Fernandes

Real Name: Peter Fernandes
userId: 54646
Submission Information:
Name of game arranged: Sonic Adventure (1998, Dreamcast)
Name of arrangement: "Red Barrage Aquarium"
Name of individual songs arranged: "Bad Taste Aquarium" and "Red Barrage Area"
Comments on the remix:
I've been producing video game-inspired music for a while now, but this is my first straight-up cover.  Sonic the Hedgehog games to me have always had wonderfully varied soundtracks, combining rock, electronic, funk, and Latin music even from the first games in the early 90's!  Sonic Adventure on the Sega Dreamcast I think carries on that tradition of excellence in a real way, and I picked two of my favorite tracks from the "Hot Shelter" level to remix: "Bad Taste Aquarium" and "Red Barrage Area," written by Jun Senoue and Kenichi Tokoi respectively.
The result is a funky fusion piece (with accompanying in-studio video performance, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bh0WgDF91tM) that features an extended guitar solo from one of my favorite guitar players, Brett Garsed.  Dutch guitarist, Richard Hallebeek, plays all the backing guitars including the funky comping and some really badass rock riffs that I pulled straight from the original material.  Rounding out the rhythm section are LA session musicians Ric Fierabracci with some great slap bass and Shane Gaalaas banging the drums (he also provided me with some awesome multi-angle fills in the video).  I did all the keyboard stuff and production including a synth solo towards the end over my favorite groove from the song.  All of the parts, instrumentally, in the two source tracks are so well written; I really wanted to assemble a crew that could lay down the law technically, but also bring new life to two tracks that are now over fifteen years old!
After months of work putting this whole thing together, it's really an indescribable pleasure to see this music come back to life!
Sorry, forgot to include links to the source!
Source 1:
Source 2:


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This doesn't waste any time establishing a great groove, and it transitions between sources pretty well, giving the different sections a nice feel. The real upside of having a solid group group of musicians come together to make a song like this is all in the details. All the small fills and personalized nuances bring it to life and give it it's own feel compared to the already well-produced originally. The solos are excellent, the pacing is great, and the sources meld well together.

The one nitpick I have is that i'd like a little more clarity in production of the drums; a little less room mic and a little more close in the mix, but it's clearly a style choice and the track as a whole sizzles. More please!


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I may not be fully accurate, but the source usage easily checks out as dominant in the arrangement:
"Bad Taste Aquarium" - :16.5-:34.5, :37.5-1:25, 1:42.5-1:58.5, 4:04.25-6:34.5
"Red Barrage Area" - 1:58.5-2:18.5; (soloing over source bassline) 2:18.5-2:46, 3:15-3:21.5, 3:23.5-3:27.5

Gotta give this one credit; though we don't require OC ReMixes to sound like the original tracks in terms of instrumentation, tone, style, or mood, we're cool with that approach as long as substantial interpretation is there. This is a great example of an arrangement that personalizes the performance of the source material, yet this sounds like it would 100% fit like a glove on the original Sonic Adventure soundtrack, going for almost a middle ground of jazzy rock compared to the rock and funk styles of the two sources. Definitely on the same wavelength as OA in enjoying the energy & talent of Peter, Brett, Richard, Ric, and Shane; great job, gentlemen! :-)


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Wow, this is really great, so nicely personalized.  The performances are dynamite.  Arrangement gets a bit noodley so I'm glad Larry did the source check.  Could the mixing be tightened up, sure, but nothing I'd call a problem.  I'm really enjoying this!



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