*NO* Sonic & Knuckles 'Heat Rush'

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Hello! My name is Ian Baggett, I go by Iananimate on soundcloud. My email address is the primary one being used to send this message, and my soundcloud link is soundcloud.com/iananimate.

I am user (32502)
Here's a remix I did of Sonic 3 & Knuckle's  "Lava Reef Zone." 
It's titled "Heat Rush"
user comments:
The inspiration came from childhood nostalgia. I always imagined modernizing video game soundtracks that fit popular genres of today. In the case of lava reef zone, it has progressive and glitchy break vibes while still maintaining the original feel. my favorite part of course is the glitch solo I did by hand which is a great way to end the track. 
I hope you enjoy my mix and thank you for considering this submission.
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You're off to a decent start here - I like the breakbeats and some of the textures you've used... the glitching is pretty simplistic but it adds some flavor to the mix.

Right now, though, there's a couple of things that need serious improvement before this can be postable on OCR. First, your leads are very bland and have no personality or variation... using the same lead throughout the entire song is definitely something to stay away from in order to keep things fresh.

The bulk of the track is very repetitive and close to the source - it sounds like you built this primarily around loops and didn't do much to change them up throughout the duration of the track. This needs a lot more to set it apart from the original, though you have worked in some SFX and sound upgrades that hint at some expansion on top of the source.

This track is not cutting the mustard for me in its current state, but you have some potential with this style! Put some more of YOU in the mix and see where it takes you.


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Emu really hit the nail on the head here.  Beat is hot, but could use some variation.  Main lead is honestly pretty bland and weak sounding.  It doesn't cut through the mix as much as it should and the tone isn't very nuanced or interesting.

The backing parts get somewhat repetitive until you start playing with some (dBlue?) glitching effects.  Sometimes they sounded a bit forced if that makes sense, so a bit more polish on getting them to sound a bit better integrated may work.

Ending was a letdown TBH, almost like you sort of gave up at that point and just faded it after a quick extra melody line.

Good start here, but some areas for improvement.  Good luck to you.

NO resubmit, please

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