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Sonic 3 : Credits Theme [Orchestral ReMix]

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Yeah, the mixing could be better. The piano at the beginning sounds a bit bland as well, it's missing the depth the rest of the instruments do have. It does sounds like a nice orchestral piece but until the 1:00 minute mark there's not a lot of instruments that take center stage. The mix reminds me a lot of Enya's Orinoco Flow for some reason or another. 

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This almost feels like two seperate songs put together, one that's got more of an Enya/Stranger in Moscow feel and another that's got a very powerful military-esque feel. Both sides remind me a lot of the Children of Dune soundtrack (particularly 2, 3, and 4) in how they capture a sort of sweeping/epic feel, one soft and just this side of Stranger in Moscow's melancholic tone and the other powerful and inspiring. When the drums kick in I almost expect to hear the sound of an army marching past in full dress.

The transitions are a bit jarring though, and imho what you've got so far would go amazing with a clear the-orchestra-is-right-there sound. The song builds very smoothly right up through 30s and then just jumps into the brass. The drums at 1:01 fit in better but something about the sound makes it "feel" like it's uncomfortably loud or clipping even though I turned my headphones almost to minimum volume when the brass came in.

I think once you figure out how you want to "flow" through the different sections you've arranged I'm going to wind up downloading another Sonic 3 remix off OCR.

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