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OCR03340 - Final Fantasy V "Micker Cripper Mime"

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This is not necessarily my style, but the piece sure catches your attention between melodies, where things get bizarrely disjointed and threaten to spiral out of control, which is kind of awesome in its own way. It may not be my bag, but it sure was fun to delve into. :)

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Great sounds from the Mazerunner. Gosh, not much more to say. Always been a fan of Mazedude, shot to be as good as him someday, then never hit the mark and spilled the seed of mediocrity on the site. His work with a tracker is really impressive and at a level many musicians would not only fail to attain, but be intimidated to even try. I guess not much of this is a review of the song itself, which is ace, and more of a review of the man himself. 

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03340 - Final Fantasy V "Micker Cripper Mime"

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