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Pokemon Black/White - Surf Theme

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Hey there everyone. I recently built a new computer, so I had taken kind of a long break from making music while I run around reinstalling all my programs. However, I think I got everything back now, so I decided to start this remix of the surfing theme from Black and White. It has been a while since I've done music stuff, and I'm honestly not all that good to start with, so it's kinda rough still. Mainly, to me, it just sounds kind of flat and I don't really know how to give it a more "full" sound, really.

Anyway, here is a link to the source: 

And here is a link to the most recent remix version: https://app.box.com/s/b0l3fyp11au996o9p5drg4qkowbp4ood

and again, it is still a WIP. Thanks!

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Nothing wrong with this mix, as far as I can hear. Granted, I'm no expert. Sounded close enough to the source to stay legit, though it is in a slightly different key. The added percussion and breakdown were good. Perhaps a surf rock guitar or ukulele overtop the melody would add some depth and variation later on?

Good job so far!

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Thanks for the feedback! I added some more on to the end, and I actually added an NES kind of lead on top later on to give it sort of a retro, but new kind of feel if that makes sense. I also thought that might give it some variation later on like you had said. Here's a link to what I have now!


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Nice intro, the wavy synths are pleasant and remind me of Mega Man 7. When the bass and drums join it's pretty energetic and cool.

I don't understand why the bass is so low at the 0:36 mark (and for a while after). The arrangement loses a lot of steam there before regaining it at 0:56.

Nice rhytm change at 1:13, although the snare sounds kind of weak here.

Overall, I like the overall tone. Synths are pretty cool and there's lots of energy. For my criticisms, I think you're changing from sections and ideas way too much. It wouldn't hurt to repeat some of the melodies or sections a few times. You can try changing lead instruments or even the key if you really don't want straight repeats but it currently ends very quickly and no melody has time to stay in your head.

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