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Super Audio Cart: The definitive chiptune instrument, available now from ISW & OCR!


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6 minutes ago, Norrin_Radd said:

Although I have painstakingly ripped a library of samples from these consoles that probably rivals theirs, the idea of a license free SNES library of BRR accurate sounds in a well constructed GUI is really interesting for a commercial musician. One problem: The promo code isn't working. :(

@Norrin_Radd There was an issue with the codes but it SHOULD be addressed now... @zircon indicated it was fixed, at least.

The SNES stuff is great, and yeah... the quad layer engine w/ X/Y is flexible, but the mod matrix is something I'm particularly proud of... @Neblix killed it on that one, stretching KSP to its limits - if you compare it to other mod matrices in Kontakt libs, it's best-of-breed. And we've got plans for extending it in SAC 1.1...

Also planning on running some SAC-related compos, soliciting presets from the community, etc. and really growing this library over time... I mean, it already has 1000+ presets, so even 1.0 is a super-formidable beast of a release... but it's only gonna get better!

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35 minutes ago, djpretzel said:

VERY excited to see what artists are going to do with this library - the mod matrix + 4-layer engine really allows for some amazing stuff!

So am I, and I'll reiterate: There should be a mixflood to showcase it.  Maybe there aren't enough preview copies out there to merit it, but by all accounts it's flying off the shelves.  Plus, if you do a mixflood callout, I bet there will be at least a person or two who will buy it just for the expedited judging.

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3 hours ago, Chernabogue said:

I'll wait for a reduction/promo to get it. I can't put $150 into a music library at the moment. But THE HYPE.

I'm kinda in the same boat. I don't even do music stuff but am curious enough to throw $100 at it, but not $150. We'll see if my interest changes.

That's probably me being cheap. I know how much work goes into programming software so...


I would love to see a limited demo. Is there one?

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Don't forget the product page: there are music demos embedded from Soundcloud (including one from Yuzo), and there are links to videos on Zircon's youtube for the general overview, editing/arpeggiator/sequencer functions, and effects/mod matrix. Should be enough to help you decide. I'm so on this, because this may be just where my synth needs are (just above Sytrus but nowhere near the insane complexities of absynth), and because I wanna find out if I can utilize the mods and other functions to help recreate additional, authentic chip sounds.

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59 minutes ago, zircon said:


Re: Demo, it's difficult to do a demo with a Kontakt Player instrument. We're looking into it to see if it's possible but no ETA yet. As Jose said though that is why I recorded over an hour of video walkthroughs showing ALL the features in big detail.

Fair enough, I'll go through the videos.

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Happy to announce just a handful of features to be included in the upcoming FREE update to Super Audio Cart, slated to arrive before the end of the month! Remember, this isn't the entire list, so if this gets you hype... well, you're in for a treat.

1. New sound sources from the VRC6 and ultra-rare VRC7 Japan-only expansion chips for the NES/Famicom. VRC6 adds more pulse widths and saw waveforms, while VRC7 includes a palette of FM (!!!) sounds. 

2. The ability to use generated ADSR envelopes as modulation sources. Imagine ADSR modulating FX, for example.

3. Filter ADSR and pitch ADSR, plus depths, as new destinations in the mod matrix.

4. 100 new snapshots.

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7 hours ago, YoshiBlade said:

If John Oliver has taught me anything, it would be to ask how much is going to go back into OCR? Seems like a good buy for authentic VGM emulations, but I'm still very much on the fence. 

That's cool, nothing wrong with being on the fence. If your primary goal is just to support OCR, there are better ways - this is first & foremost a commercial product being sold by Impact Soundworks, and that's Andy's actual job/livelihood, etc. To answer your John Oliverian inquiry, 5% of gross sales go to OCR.

In terms of being persuaded of the value, know this: even though it already has 1000 presets, we're gonna be adding new presets with almost every minor version, major features and even new systems with major versions, and some badass functionality as well... imo it's a pretty indispensable & comprehensive library even at 1.0, but OCR & ISW are committed to ongoing enhancements, too!

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