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The Recruit & Collaborate forum is a place where people can recruit artists of all types for various works for the purposes of collaboration. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • a partner for a remix collaboration
  • remixers for an album
  • artists to draw album art
  • live musicians to play in your remix
  • composers for original music for a game you’re making
  • composers for original music for a video, podcast, etc.

Specifically, the Recruit & Collaborate forum is for advertising what you need, not what you can offer. If you’re a composer looking for some work, don’t post a thread saying “Here I am! Give me work!” Poke around the forum and see what’s available. If you want to market yourself, you can use your forum signature/biography for that. Threads advertising your own services will be deleted.


When posting your recruitment thread, make sure to give as many details about what you’re looking for and what you’re working on as possible. When you’re commissioning original music, you’ll also want to be upfront about whether or not you’re willing to pay for work and how much. Be courteous. You won’t get any help from anyone if you’re a jerk, or if you place weird criteria on the kind of people you want to collaborate with (i.e. “no white rappers”). Also—and this really should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway—don’t criticize OCR’s staff, music, albums, judging process, etc. when posting your thread. We provide the Recruit & Collaborate forum to you so that you can connect with the people you need.

When replying to recruitment threads, be courteous. Don’t criticize the recruiter for starting an album project for a game that you don’t like, or for a game that already had an album project previously, or for any other reason. If there’s a fangame/remake project, don’t be that guy that always starts talking about cease & desist letters. If someone is posting a job listing or interested in commissioning work, don’t use their recruitment thread as your own personal soapbox to rant about the nature of for-hire work. Basically, if you don’t have something nice or helpful (in the “I’d like to help you” sense) to say, don’t post.


There’s a fixed list of prefixes, one of which must be applied to your thread.

  • 1. recruiting
    use this when you’re actively looking for new participants in your project/idea
  • 2. underway
    use this when you’ve filled most of the roles for your project/idea and have begun work
  • 3. finished
    use this when you’ve finished your project/idea; for album projects, use this when you’re done and have submitted the project to OCR.

Thread Tags

There’s a fixed list of tags that can be applied to your thread. Here are the tags and what they mean:

  • album
    your project is an album.
  • remixer
    you’re looking for remixers.
  • artist
    you’re looking for an artist to draw cover or insert art.
  • video editor
    you’re looking for a video editor to work on a trailer or promotional video for you.
  • composer
    you’re looking for a composer for some kind of non-album project, like a game.
  • vocalist
    you’re looking for someone to sing for you.
  • instrumentalist
    you’re looking for someone to play an instrument for you.
  • engineer
    you’re looking for someone to handle the technical aspects of music production for you, like mixing and mastering.
  • director
    you’re looking for someone to manage a project for you. This is a catch-all term for co-directors and assistant directors as well.
  • web designer
    you’re looking for someone to build a website for your project.
  • lyricist
    you’re looking for something to write lyrics for a song.
  • voice actor
    you’re looking for someone to provide spoken word or acting for your project.

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